How Does UV Nail Polish Dry?

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The time it takes UV nail polish to cure depends on both the polish manufacturer and the curing lamp. Basically, paints should harden in UV lamps for about 120 seconds per layer and in LED lamps for 30-60 seconds.

What is UV Nail Polish?

UV nail polish is a mixture of colored nail polish pigments and UV gel. Like normal nail polish, it is sold in small bottles with a brush. However, the UV varnish is a bit thicker and more durable than normal nail varnish.

Who is UV Nail Polish Suitable For?

UV nail polish is suitable for anyone looking for an alternative to normal nail polish. The application is a little more complex than conventional nail polish, but the UV nail polish is more resistant and has a shorter drying time. UV nail polish is also known as long-lasting nail polish, as it lasts up to two weeks with good preparation.

UV nail polish can be used on natural nails. But UV nail polish is also often used for gel nail modeling since the polish is available in a wide range of colors with almost any desired color e.g., nude color gel polish.

UV varnish is particularly suitable for beginners who want to make their first experiences with nail modeling.

How Does UV Nail Polish Last Longer?

The durability of UV nail polish depends very much on the preparation of the natural nail.

UV nail polish can withstand a lot, but not everything. If you come into contact with chemicals, for example when washing or cleaning, you should definitely wear protective gloves. Otherwise, the paint can react with the chemicals and discolor.


  • The sweat layer develops after each painting process, but should never be removed in between.
  • Each time you apply layers, be careful not to touch the cuticles and always coat the nail tip with a swipe of the brush.
  • Only apply very thin layers, otherwise, the paint will not dry.

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