are made by vacuum forming machine.

Many plastic products that you may encounter in your daily life are made by vacuum forming machine. This simple plastic production technology is closely related with many advantages and is a quick and cheap solution. It also offers endless possibilities, making it an increasingly popular method across a wide variety of industries and sectors. It […]

Lithium-ion batteries have many advantages.

One of the main objectives of the logistics company is to achieve energy efficiency. However, choosing the best energy solution for our fleet requires a detailed study of your company’s needs (industry, day-to-day, quantity of goods, etc.), cost evaluation and site layout. , Especially. Various technologies are currently on the market, such as lithium-ion batteries, […]

Thermoforming, Deep Drawing, Vacuum Forming

Three terms – one meaning. What is meant by this is the process of forming thermoplastics. Plastic sheets are heated on both sides in the forming station up to the forming temperature, the tool moves up with the pre-blowing of the sheet and the contour is drawn through vacuum channels with negative pressure.  After cooling […]