Galvanized Corrugated Sheet Supplier

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Galvanized Corrugated Sheet Supplier

Galvanized corrugated sheet suppliers offer metal roofing, siding and cladding for buildings. They provide customization options and are suitable for industrial, commercial and residential structures. They also offer durability and aesthetic appeal.

Unlike regular steel, galvanized sheet metal is resistant to rust because of the zinc coating. Galvanized metal is a popular choice for building construction because it’s strong, durable and cost-effective.


Manufacturer of standard & custom galvanized & galvalume corrugated sheet metal. Panels are available in a variety of colors & gauge thicknesses. Also fabricated to customer specifications. Capabilities include brake forming, cutting to length, slitting, notching, coil anodizing & painting. Serves industrial & commercial roofing, siding & wall construction. Products include smooth radius curved panels & straight corrugated galvanized steel in heavy gauge materials.

OEM corrugated metal roofing sheets are a type of roof covering that is used in industrial, commercial, and residential buildings to provide durability and protection against the elements. These roofs are often chosen over other types of building materials due to their low maintenance requirements and lightweight design, which can prevent overloading of supporting structures.

In addition to roofing, corrugated metal is commonly used as cladding or galvanized corrugated sheet supplier walls and can be found in warehouses, sheds, carports, gazebos, and outdoor structures like patios and gardens. The corrugated surface allows for water runoff and can add a decorative element to the structure.

Manufacturer of custom corrugated steel sheet metal fabricated from aluminum, aluminized I and II, hot-dipped galvanized G-90 through G-285, cold rolled, stainless steel and pre-painted galvanized materials. Secondary services such as stucco embossing, perforating and laminating are offered. Serves the agricultural, construction, container, oil and gas, military, mining and power generation industries. Metal fabrication capabilities include roll forming, press brake forming and mechanical power press operations as well as shearing and turret punching.


Corrugated steel sheets can be constructed from a variety of materials, including aluminum, polycarbonate and galvanized metal. Each material has its own unique benefits and can be chosen based on the specific requirements of a project. For example, galvanized metal is a durable and cost-effective material for industrial buildings and can withstand harsh weather conditions, while polycarbonate offers a higher level of durability with additional design flexibility. Galvalume is another durable option for roofing that combines the advantages of both galvanized and aluminum sheeting.

Distributor of metal fabricated products such as locker, steel barrel, drum, bin & partition parts. Also provides steel plates & shapes such as angles, channels, hexes, rounds & squares. Offers abrasion resistant, bake hardenable & high tensile steels. Capabilities include bending, forming, welding & cutting to length. Serves construction, food & aerospace industries.

Manufacturer of rolled, cold drawn and hot rolled steel. Produces flat and rolled plate, bar stock, coils, channels, hexes, flanges, expanded metal, round tubing & shafts. Services include cutting, shearing, slitting & sawing. Also offers MIG/TIG & plasma, laser and flame cutting, etching & heat treating. Meets AMS, ASME and MIL-P Spec standards. Blank & custom orders are accepted. Also sells abrasion resistant and bake hardenable stainless steel products.


Custom manufacturer of galvanized & galvalume corrugated metal sheets. Sheets come in various sizes & thicknesses with choice of shape, alloy & imperial & metric options. Products are RoHS, REACH & DFAR compliant and JIT delivery is available. Capabilities include plasma, flame & laser cutting, forming, bending, shearing & tapping.

Galvanized steel sheets can be used in a variety of applications, including roofing, siding and paneling. They are durable and weather-resistant, making them an excellent option for both commercial & residential buildings. Moreover, they are economical and offer many benefits over other siding materials, such as fire resistance, low maintenance requirements and earthquake resistance.

Unlike normal carbon steel, which rusts quickly in the presence of water and oxygen, galvanized metal is coated with a barrier of zinc that protects it from corroding. This coating is called a galvanizing finish and is applied by dipping the steel in a hot zinc bath. The zinc bonded to the steel creates an effective corrosion resistant layer that can be used in any environment.

GI corrugated sheet is often used in a range of applications, including agricultural structures, warehouses and special buildings. It is also an excellent material for siding and roofing due to its light weight, high strength, good corrosion resistance, rich color and easy installation. Moreover, it is easy to transport and can be used for long periods of time in harsh environments without worrying about damage.


Galvanized corrugated sheets are low-maintenance building materials known for their durability, corrosion resistance and affordability. They are also light and easy to transport and cut, making them a popular choice for re-roofing or new construction projects. Their wavy design enhances their strength, and allows for proper drainage of water. They are also fire-resistant and can withstand high winds. For the best results, it is important to fasten galvanized corrugated metal roofing panels correctly with nails or screws, ensuring that the overlapping edges are properly aligned. This will prevent moisture from getting into the rafters or purlins, and protect against damage caused by wind-driven hail storms.

Manufacturer of steel sheet products including cold rolled, galvanized and corrugated metals. Custom fabrication capabilities include shearing, laser & plasma cutting, bending and rolling. Also offers heat treating, aging and Blanchard grinding. Industries served include aircraft, automotive, oil & gas and consumer and industrial applications. JIT delivery is available.

ISO 9001:2008 certified distributor of sheet, strip and bar steel. Offers hot rolled, cold Hot rolled carbon steel plate rolled, galvanized, electrogalvanized and aluminized steel. Other services include shearing, slitting, cutting to length, forming, machining and welding. Inventory includes annealed, tempered and stress relieved grades. Also provides abrasion resistant, commercial, deep drawing and hot dipped galvanized steel coils and galvanized corrugated sheeting.

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