Rebar Manufacturers in North America

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Rebar Manufacturers in North America

Rebar is an important part of concrete construction activities. Its strong and lightweight attributes make it highly valuable in strengthening the concrete structures. Its demand is expected to grow due to growing infrastructure development endeavors in North American nations.

Rebar fabrication involves processing raw steel into a variety of forms and sizes. This process is performed by using a number of different techniques. The simulation model can help determine the loss rate and required time, which is helpful for rebar production.

Franklin Sheet Metal

Franklin Sheet Metal is a manufacturer of metal products used in industries such as medicine, telecommunications, military, aerospace, electronics, transportation and construction. They produce a variety of metal products, including sheet metal, diamond plates and flat bar beams. In addition, they provide value-added services, such as plasma cutting, forming, welding, waterjet and laser cutting, painting and powder coating.

The company produces HVAC ducts that are designed to improve efficiency and reduce energy costs. These custom-fabricated ducts are more effective than off-the-shelf components and help eliminate air leakage. Moreover, they can reduce the amount of conditioned air lost in a typical system, which wastes 30% of its rated capacity.

Before implementing Paperless Parts, Franklin Sheet Metal stored their engineering data in an ERP system that was not compatible with a mouse and spent countless hours searching file cabinets or archived bankers boxes to find the information they needed to complete a project. Since implementing Paperless Parts, the company has doubled their quoting speed and can now access important metrics like win rate easily. In addition, the software’s quoting options allow Franklin Sheet Metal to maximize revenue by offering expedite pricing.

Ace Metals

The company produces a variety of products including stainless steel, aluminum and cold-rolled and hot-rolled metals. It also provides a wide range of services including welding, machining and finishing. ACE Steel is known for its excellent customer service and high-quality products. Stout served as an exclusive financial advisor to RC Incorporated in the sale of Ace Metals to Commercial Steel Products.

Many of ACE’s customers require rebar suppliers JIT (just-in-time) delivery so that they can use the product in their manufacturing process at the moment they need it. This requires a high-quality product delivered on time and to specification.

This is why IMEC works with the team at ACE to help them improve their processes and quality control systems. This includes employee training, a sustainability program and the selection of a new enterprise resource planning system. The company has also developed a process called Design for Manufacturability, which helps ensure that customers get the exact product they need. This is an invaluable tool for any manufacturer seeking to compete in a global marketplace.

AGF Group

The AGF Group has been producing hot-dip galvanized wire mesh, unbonded mono-strand system, post-tensioning bar, and concrete accessories since 1948. The company has been growing and expanding its business, merging with other companies that offer similar products and developing new partnerships. It currently has 25 business units across Canada, Chile, Colombia, France, and Ecuador.

As the company celebrates its 75th anniversary, Catherine Gendron and her brother, Maxime Gendron, are focused on the future. As the group’s chief culture officer and general manager, respectively, they understand the importance of succession planning.

As the business has grown, it’s become involved in large-scale construction projects throughout the world. For example, the Samuel-De Champlain Bridge in Montreal, the Ottawa Light Rail Transit, and the Whitla Wind Farm in Alberta are some of the company’s major projects. The firm also supplies the rebar for all of Calgary’s wind turbine bases, and is involved in several hydroelectric power stations. These kinds of projects require complex engineering and tight deadlines, and AGF’s teams have the experience to meet them. AGF has also been involved in numerous apartment towers.

Rebars & Mesh

Rebars & Mesh produces a variety of carbon steel products, including rebar and concrete reinforcing bars. Its services include machining, processing, contract manufacturing and fabricating. Capabilities also include plasma, oxy-fuel and laser cutting. Products are offered in different sizes and shapes, including round and flat bar, cold-drawn and hot-rolled squares, and cold-rolled strip bars. Other products are angles, channels and expanded metals.

Steel rebars are used to strengthen and cold rolled steel hold concrete structures in tension, so they need to be strong enough. Growing construction activities and rapid industrialization are driving the demand for these steel products. The coronavirus pandemic has also slowed construction projects, which has affected the market.

During the construction process, contractors will need to use a variety of tools and equipment. One of the most important tools is a rebar bender or cutter, which allows workers to bend and cut the steel to the proper size. The rebar can then be welded together using wire and coupling splices. This will help ensure that the rebar is able to handle the stresses of the project.

The Rose Corporation

Founded in 1987, The Rose Corporation is an industrial manufacturer that produces large-scale products used in the manufacturing and production process. They provide a wide range of services including contract manufacturing and design. They also produce custom-engineered perforated metal products for a variety of industries.

The company’s founders are known as some of the most innovative entrepreneurs in the industry, and they have made several significant investments in North America. These investments have led to an increase in the company’s market capitalization, and they continue to pursue new opportunities for growth.

One of their most recent projects is the King George School Lofts and Town Homes in Newmarket, Ontario. This project repurposes an old school building into 11 condominium lofts and 14 two-storey freehold townhomes. This project has been nominated for the 2019 BILD People’s Choice Award.

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