How To Earn And Take Care Of Inflatable Castles?

The bouncy castles that are used for entertainment purposes mostly by kids in amusement parks, grounds, schools, are known as inflatable castles. The first inflatable castle was introduced in the United Kingdom by John Scurlock in almost 1959. From the UK, the trend of inflatable castles spread throughout the world. Now, they are found everywhere around the globe. Inflatable castles are made from superior quality PVC (polyvinyl chloride).

Inflatable castles are highly safe for every age of children. But proper attention should be given to children when they are playing on inflatable castles.

How to earn through inflatable castles?

One of the great perks of inflatable castles is that they are a good source of income. Many businessmen and traders especially invest in inflatable products and give them on rent to earn a huge profit. Schools, restaurants, parks, hospitals, kindergarten classes hire inflatable castles for entertaining their audience and children. 

And in return, they pay you the rent. You can set the rent according to the size of your inflatable castle. You can make a  contract with various organizations and can get paid accordingly. Investing in inflatable products will never go to waste.

How to clean inflatable castles?

Whenever you invest in something, you have to take care of that. If you want your inflatable castle to last long, then you should pay proper attention to your product. You can increase the shelf life of inflatable products by keeping them in the right place and by cleaning them.

Try not to set up inflatable castles directly under the sun. And for cleaning your castle, you can either use a soft brush or a vacuum cleaner to clean it from dirt, etc. moreover, you can also use a sponge and warm water for thoroughly cleaning your castle.

Trampoline Parks on the go

We all are well aware of the word trampoline. Trampolines or springboards are often used for many purposes. They are used in gyms for stretching and also by kids for playing. The place where more than enough trampolines are gathered, such a place is known as a trampoline park. The word trampoline originated from the Spanish word which means a diving board. Trampoline parks fill children with excitement and fun.

Why trampoline parks?

As we all know, the world was fully occupied by deadly diseases including coronavirus. So everything including parks were quarantined to stop the spreading of such deadly diseases. Staying at home for such a long time is a hard job mainly for children. 

Children get exhausted by staying at home. They become dull and ultimately lazy. To cherish their lives in this difficult situation. You can set up a trampoline park at your place. Trampoline parks can easily be settled at any location. That is the reason they are also known as indoor parks because you can easily arrange a setup of trampoline parks at your place. Playing in trampoline parks never goes to waste.

A few benefits of trampoline parks are given below:

  1. Safety of children: As the trampoline parks can be settled at home, you do not need to worry about your children’s safety because they are playing in front of your eyes.
  1. Physical exercise: By playing and jumping in the trampoline park, your child will get the necessary exercise of legs and core. It is said by researchers that jumping on a trampoline is just like a 30 mint walk.

Guangzhou Dola Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd deals with various types of high-grade trampolines. The color, theme, and size may vary according to your needs.

Indoor Gaming

Indoor Gaming

Bouncy castle supplier

Children, playground, equipment

Dola playground strives to manufacture equipment for amusement places. They produce playground equipment for places like homes, parks or any commercial place for children to have fun while playing games.

They customize products for their customers according to their budgets and spaces. Their products are based on 3-D graphics which perfectly fit their spaces. Their products attract their customers particularly children.

Their products include:-

Wave slides made up of fiberglass

Slides which are double helix

Enclosed slides consisting of various shapes

Towers, tubes and climbs for toddlers

They also offer playground equipment other than the above. They include rainbow crochet playground, soft toys doing electric motion, wooden slides, plays for toddlers, walls for climbing, rope course, ball blaster etc.

One of their famous products is Soft Play Free Design Children’s Indoor Playground for wholesale. It’s 143 sq. feet and has free design. It has different models and designs. It has attractive themes and colors that attract children. Children spend their leisure time while playing in these.

The best thing about these is that they can also be placed indoor. One doesn’t has to find a park with swings in order to make their children get a playground. Rather, these can be placed inside home for childrenpreventing them from wasting time and keeping them away from bad companies.

Customers that mostly include parent don’t think twice while making a playground for their children which can be a quick go-to. They can also be installed at day care centers, training centers, adventure parks etc.