Wet Laid Geotextile

Wet Laid Geotextile Wet Laid Geotextile is a moisture-permeable technical fabric used in road construction projects. It is a versatile material that provides separation, reinforcement and filtration. To ensure the reliability of Wet Laid Geotextile, it is important to pay attention to the following factors during laying: Ensure that damaged places are repaired immediately. Strength […]

Plastic Grass Grid

Plastic Grass Grid Car parking lawn grid provides the strength of paved surfaces at a fraction of the price. It reduces soil erosion, prevents vehicles sinking and vastly improves drainage without the need for a detention pond. Unlike rolled pavers TRUEGRID has flex joints to allow expansion and contraction without the grids breaking apart. It […]

Geobags – Permeability and Durability

Geobags – Permeability and Durability Geobags are an environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional concrete structures. They are especially effective for land reclamation projects and can protect hydraulic configurations and riverbanks from harsh scouring. These bags are also used for capturing dredged materials and transporting them to a designated safe disposal site. The thread stitched on the […]

How Durable is a Geomembrane?

How Durable is a Geomembrane? A geomembrane is a flexible and durable waterproof barrier. It is ideal for preventing water leakage, erosion control and waste management projects. These liners are made from non-toxic plastic materials and are used wherever loss of clean water, soil, vapor or other material cannot be tolerated. They are typically welded […]

Filter Materia

Filter Materia All filters collect waste and it is the aquarists job to clean this waste out of the system regularly. Some mechanical media can be reused like filter pads and foam blocks which are found in dinky slide-in cartridges in HOB filters or in canisters. There are many chemical filter medias hobbyists can use […]

PP Plastic Two-Way Geogrid

PP Plastic Two-Way Geogrid PP plastic two-way geogrid is a kind of high strength biaxially stretched plastic geomaterial with excellent tensile strengths in both longitudinal and transverse directions. It can be used to reinforce embankment slope, dam and retaining wall. The simulation results indicate that the simulated mechanical properties of the geogrid can be well […]

Uniaxial Plastic Geogrid

Uniaxial Plastic Geogrid Uniaxial Plastic Geogrid is used in the construction of roads, highways, railways and slopes for ground stabilization. It has high resistance to installation damage, chemical and biological degradation and offers good flexural rigidity. It also provides an efficient stress transmission mechanism to distribute loads throughout the soil. It is ideal for slope […]

Black Color Geocell

Black Color Geocell The TYPAR Geocell GS cellular confinement system improves stability of soft soil foundations by distributing compressive and tensile stresses evenly. It ships in a compacted panel form and expands to its final size and shape on-site. This paper investigates the effect of low temperature on the tensile strength and deformation of geocell […]

Geosynthetic Clay Liner

Geosynthetic Clay Liner Geosynthetic clay liner is often used in landfills as a hydraulic barrier to leachate. They also work well in ponds and other waste containment projects. GCLs are needle-punched composites that combine a geotextile outer layer with a low permeability sodium bentonite clay core. They are an ideal alternative to compacted clay liners. […]

3D Drainage Geomat

3D Drainage Geomat 3D Drainage Geomat represents a paradigm shift in drainage technology, reducing the ecological footprint of infrastructure projects and preserving natural landscapes. Compared to traditional drainage methods like perforated pipes or gravel-filled trenches, it provides greater versatility and adaptability across different soil types, terrain configurations, and hydraulic conditions. The innovative triplanar netting structure […]