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A Comparison of Laser, Water, And Plasma Cutting

Many users are often confronted with the question of what cutting is best. Since the advantages of these cutting processes come into their own depending on the requirements and the material. These cutting machines can be purchased from different laser cutting machine manufacturers.

However, these methods are not in competition with each other but form a meaningful affiliation in many manufacturing processes.

Here you will find information on the most important features of these machining processes!

Cutting With Laser:

The Advantages:

  • High cutting speeds
  • Optimum freedom from burrs
  • Low heat impact
  • Perfect dimensional accuracy
  • Best use of material
  • Short processing times
  • Minimum cutting gap
  • A large variety of materials


  • High investment costs
  • Limited material strengths
  • Process instability when mirroring

Cutting With The Water Jet:

The Advantages:

  • High profitability
  • A large variety of materials
  • Optimum use of material
  • Small kerf width
  • No thermal stress
  • Cutting thick materials
  • High precision down to the micron range
  • Often no post-processing is required


  • High operating costs
  • The great risk of corrosion
  • Slow cutting speed
  • Treatment of the cutting water
  • Disposal of the abrasive

Cutting With Plasma:

The Advantages:

  • Without alternative in the middle steel range
  • High quality in medium strengths
  • Cutting high-alloy steels


  • High operating costs
  • Relatively wide cutting gap
  • The highest noise level
  • Hardening of the edge zones
  • post-processing required


Depending on the cutting task, the advantages of the individual processes come into their own and together form a sensible alliance for a wide variety of applications.

Use Lasers In Cutting Of The Materials

Making use of lasers is increasing day by day. They are thought about as a fundamental part of every sector currently. Among numerous usages, lasers are additionally used for welding and also cutting various things. 

Similarly, the machines that use lasers for joining two parts with each other are known as laser welding machines, and the equipment that uses lasers for cutting steel and also other related products are known as laser cutting machines.

Laser reducing machines are of two types. Some devices are made use of for the specific cutting of metals. Whereas, there are some machines that can precisely reduce various other products like wood, plastics, acrylic, medium thickness boards, plywood, MDF, PVC board, etc.

Such equipment are referred to as non-metal laser cutting and also etching devices. Because besides offering the feature of cutting, they are additionally used for inscribing items.

A non-metal laser cutting and engraving machine not just understand the highly precise cutting of the acrylic plates but additionally efficiently ensures the security of the maker during high-speed procedures. Such devices are totally automated equipment as well as can give remarkable accuracy as compared to other reducing equipment.

Non-metal laser cutting and also inscribing equipment are installed with the most recent software like AutoCAD, CorelDraw for giving instructions for reducing numerous materials.

If you wish to purchase an advanced non-metal laser reducing as well as etching device that can sustain AI (Artificial Intelligence), then the platform of HanMa Industries is the ideal choice for you. They manage completely laser-equipped makers that can give fantastic effectiveness in less time.

Where To Get Laser Reducing Equipment?

A laser reducing maker is an innovative tool that is utilized for cutting numerous materials like paper, foam, wood, acrylic, cork, and different sorts of metals. Besides cutting, this advanced equipment also satisfies etching. You can engrave different layouts on practically whatever (wood, plastics, aluminum, stainless steel, marble, stone, glass, ceramic tiles, and also extra.

How does a laser reducing maker work?

As the name recommends, laser cutting devices cut and etch different products with the help of lasers. The lasers with high energies can permeate the product, which can cause the exact cutting of nearly everything. The procedure of laser cutting is a community of the thermal separation process.

The working of laser cutting devices is very advanced. In these makers, the light beams of lasers strike the targeted product, the warmth created through the laser evaporates or entirely melts the material, after passing through the product, the lasers do their job and reduce the material precisely as compared to an average cutting device.

Different types of lasers are used for reducing numerous objects. As an example, carbon dioxide lasers are needed for reducing mild steel, stainless steel, titanium, crafted timber, wax, etc. YAG lasers are utilized for scribing and also cutting porcelains and steels. And also the other way around.

Specialist provider of laser cutter:

Out of the numerous markets, HanMa Laser Business is an expert laser cutting machine producer and also supplier throughout the globe. They have a large experience of manufacturing laser devices that are very reliable and also can offer terrific lead to minimal time with a high precision price.

Fabric Laser Cutter Review

Fabric cutting with lasers is a relatively new technology that has been around since the 1990s. Laser fabric cutting machines are a great way to cut fabric because they can make very straight cuts, and they can do it quickly.

Fabric cutting with lasers is safe compared to other forms of cutting, too. It uses low-powered lasers. Like any form of cutting, there is some risk if you don’t take proper precautions. But you should be able to safely cut fabric with a laser at home or in your studio with just a few tips.

Fabric cutting with lasers works by shining a laser light through a clear piece of material (like glass) or even through the air onto a mirror attached to the moving bed of a machine. A computer controls the mirror’s movement. The pattern is traced on the fabric, which is moved under the laser beam.

The most crucial part of any fabric project is treating the fabric properly before you begin cutting it with a laser. You need to carefully wash and dry the fabric, and then iron it flat. If you skip this step, the fabric could warp as you cut it with a laser, which could damage your machine and even cause injury to yourself or someone else in your studio.

Fabric cutting with lasers is most often done using software designed for quilting and sewing, but some companies have created software specifically for fabric cutting using lasers as well. The first use of this technology was in industrial settings, like screen printing and decorating fabrics on apparel assembly lines in clothing factories.

Be familiar with Concerning Laser Cutting Device

A laser reducing maker is an innovative device that is utilized for the sharp and specific cutting of numerous products like lightweight aluminum, stainless steel, wood, paper, etc. Besides cutting different items, it is highly suggested in many sectors for developing various tasks. As the name suggests, this sophisticated tool makes use of high-energy laser beams for reducing the product.

Different components work at the same time in a laser cutter machine to give effective outcomes. The vital parts of the laser reducing device which you ought to know are given below.

  • Laser equipment head
  • Laser reducing head
  • Nozzle (for giving off laser beams of lights).
  • Laser beam of lights.
  • Gas inlet.
  • Affixed water coolant.
  • Software (for giving instructions and posting the required layout).
  • Pressure gauge.

Because of its terrific results, it is used for making projects like geometric really felt coasters, herringbone coasters, monogrammed cork roller coasters, as well as more. Besides sectors, it is now made use of in colleges, universities for various functions.

No doubt, laser reducing equipment is replacing lots of other tools in regards to specific cutting and also offering fast results. If we speak about the working of the laser cutting device, it is a straightforward procedure because it is automated equipment. All we have to do is put the target product under the nozzle (where laser light beams are released), give instructions to the device, set the frequency of the lasers, that’s all. The rest will certainly be cared for by machine.

There are different laser cutting machine manufacturers out there that supply such machines. There are different models of laser-reducing machines. If you require aid in getting the appropriate laser reducing machine, you can freely call the leading sector in this area. Which is none apart from Guangzhou HanMa Automation Control Devices Co., Ltd