QLED – What is it?

If you’re looking for a new TV, you’ve probably come across the abbreviation QLED. In this article, we explain what that means and what you can expect from QLED.

QLED televisions are supposed to deliver particularly brilliant TV pictures with great brightness – but is that really true?

Before we get down to business, here are a few basics for a better understanding: Every television generates its colors by mixing red, green, and blue light in the pixels. Therefore, each pixel – i.e. a picture element – consists of the basic TV colors red, green, and blue.

QLED is an advanced LCD technology for better pictures, with more colors and stronger contrast than before. What is special about QL ED is an extra film between the LED lighting and the liquid crystals in the LCD panel. Special particles, so-called quantum dots, are accommodated in the film. The Quantum Dots emit pure green and red light when in operation. Blue light comes from the LED backlight. In the end, quantum dot technology provides a backlight that, with its red, green, and blue components, ideally matches the basic TV colors red, green, and blue.


If you are not primarily looking for a TV for a darkened home cinema, but also want to watch TV really well in a bright room, QLED TVs are definitely a real recommendation.

All in all, according to our tests, QLED televisions offer high picture quality at a very good price-performance ratio.

These televisions not only bring bright and high-contrast pictures but are also significantly cheaper to buy with the large diagonals.

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Recommended Time For Kids On Screen

Children differ in their needs, and so is screen time. To monitor the screen time one can buy a tv that has sleep time. Many TV wholesale shops sell this type of tv. Nevertheless, there are general recommendations. we recommend the following durations for daily media use for children from zero to ten years of age:

0–3 years: ideally no screen media, no more than 30 minutes of listening media, regular viewing and reading of books.

3–6 years: a maximum of 30 minutes in front of the screen, a maximum of 45 minutes of listening to media, regular viewing and reading of books

6–10 years: a maximum of 45-60 minutes of screen media, a maximum of 60 minutes of audio media, regular reading, or reading.

And for older children and adolescents, the following guidelines are recommended:

10–12 years: one hour a day or seven hours a week.

13-14 years: 1.5 hours per day or 10.5 hours per week.

15–16 years: two to 2.5 hours per day or 14–17.5 hours per week.

At the same time, however, these recommendations are only intended as a guide, exceptions are allowed and families are best to lay down rules that everyone normally follows.


Of course, audio and video media have become an integral part of our everyday lives. This also applies to the lives of our children. Technical devices play a major role, especially among friends and at school. 

Therefore, it does not make sense to let your child grow up completely far from any screen media. However, the measure is very important. In any case, you should think in advance about the alternatives you can offer your child if the screen time is used up again.

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  • Wide variety of Televisions: They manufacture and supply a no. of televisions at affordable prices. You can find QLED TV, OLED TV, super-luxury curved TV, or frameless TV to bring your movie session to the next level.

  • Professional staff: If you need any suggestions about which television to buy, then you should contact Hanle Industries. Their well experienced and highly cooperative staff can guide you better about which TV to buy according to your needs and budget.

Why Buy QLED TV?

Television has changed a lot of shapes and technologies after its invention. Many new technologies were introduced to further enhance the experience of television. Till now, the modern form of television exists in the form of LCDs, LEDs, QLEDs, etc. also various companies have designed curved TVs and Frameless TVs. 

When a person decides to buy or upgrade a TV, he may get confused about which TV to buy. If you are thinking of buying or upgrading your television, then this short piece of writing is just for you. Because in this article, we will give you relevant information about QLED TV

A QLED television stands for Quantum Dot LED TV. QLED TV is a variation of LCD and LED television. In this type of television, a layer of quantum dots is installed between the LCD display and backlight to create additional vivid brightness. Undoubtedly, due to extreme vibrancy, QLED televisions are becoming so popular among audiences. There are countless reasons to buy a QLED TV. 

If you love watching TV shows, movies, Netflix on television, then no doubt QLED TV is the best option for you. Because such televisions can enhance your viewing experience by providing you with a great brightness display. The layers that are used in this type of television (quantum dots layers) aids to carry out extra vibrancy as compared to ordinary LCDs, or LEDs. Furthermore, QLED TVs are installed with burn-in prevention. 

Burn-in comes with different types of television. It is especially common for gamers who want to record their entire video session. Burn-in results in distortion of the screen and the screen is then replaced or repaired. Luckily,  no burn-in is observed in any model of QLED TV. 


Which TV is Finest for You?

Are you looking for a brand-new television yet don’t recognize whether to go with a device with LED, QLED, or OLED? We clarify to you what the various names imply, just how the respective innovation works, as well as aid you with the acquisition choice.

Comparison as well as Purchase Recommendation: LED, QLED, or OLED?

The inquiry of which tv is the best selection for you depends, to name a few points, on the meant use. We will aid you to locate the appropriate device.

LED: Simple, But Inexpensive:

An LED is an appropriate selection if you just enjoy TV occasionally and as necessary location little worth on very high image high quality. In addition, LED TVs are excellent as second tools, for example in the kitchen or bedroom, in addition to for children’s areas or make use of in caravans. 

Additionally, the devices are ideal if you just have a small spending plan.

Our tip: If you go with LED, you ought to opt for a straight LED/ complete backlight.

QLED: Ideal Price-Performance Proportion:

With a QLED TV, you get top photo high quality with wonderful colors and also very solid contrasts at a moderate cost. This makes the gadgets excellent if you usually enjoy television or stream movies as well as collections. 

In addition, QLEDs show their complete strength in a very brilliant environment (for instance in the living room throughout the day) and, thanks to their high height brightness, supply detailed pictures. QLED televisions are additionally available with specifically huge image styles.

OLED: The Leading Class:

To establish a genuine house movie theater with the very best possible image, we advise OLED televisions. The color purity, the contrasts, and the deep black of these gadgets are so far unparalleled by competing products. 

Thanks to their high frequencies, OLED Televisions are unbeatable even when altering pictures promptly, such as when video gaming, as well as always providing knifelike pictures. One more plus point is the wide watching angle: Thanks to this, you can take pleasure in the most effective possible television experience from all edges of the area


Which TV is Best for You?

Are you looking for a new television but don’t know whether to opt for a device with LED, QLED, or OLED? We explain to you what the different names mean, how the respective technology works, and help you with the purchase decision.

Comparison and Purchase Recommendation: LED, QLED, or OLED?

The question of which television is the best choice for you depends, among other things, on the intended use. We will help you to find the right device.

LED: Simple, But Inexpensive:

An LED television is the right choice if you only watch TV occasionally and accordingly place little value on very high picture quality. In addition, LED TVs are perfect as second devices, for example in the kitchen or bedroom, as well as for children’s rooms or use in caravans. In addition, the devices are ideal if you only have a small budget.

Our tip: If you opt for LED, you should opt for direct LED / full backlight.

QLED: Ideal Price-Performance Ratio:

With a QLED TV, you get top picture quality with great colors and very strong contrasts at a moderate price. This makes the devices perfect if you often watch TV or stream films and series. In addition, QLEDs show their full strength in a very bright environment (for example in the living room during the day) and, thanks to their high peak brightness, deliver detailed images. QLED televisions are also available with particularly large picture formats.

OLED: The Top Class:

To set up a real home cinema with the best possible picture, we recommend OLED televisions. The color purity, the contrasts, and the deep black of these devices are so far unmatched by competing products. Thanks to their high frequencies, OLED TVs are unbeatable even when changing images quickly, such as when gaming, and always deliver razor-sharp images. Another plus point is the wide viewing angle: Thanks to this, you can enjoy the best possible television experience from all corners of the room

Kinds of Tv

Television aka TV is a crucial invention of Philo Farnsworth which entered this world in 1927. He called his tool “Photo Dissector” which is currently known as a television. After the battles of Philo, several mechanical researchers occupied themselves with the creation of the TV, and thanks to the initiatives of Charles Francis Jenkins who invented W3XK.

W3XK is one of the oldest tv stations in the world which aired after the innovation of the Image Dissector from 1928 to 1934. From that time to this time around, tv has actually altered a lot of forms. The oldest television was simply able to convert signals into the picture (black and white image), but the televisions of the here and now are the next-level televisions.

Types of tv:

Various types of innovations are made use of in tv to display pictures. The earliest televisions were so bulky and were not able to present clear photos. The television which is currently called LCD TV or LED TV are slim and also wise as well as additionally supplies an ultra HD display screen. Televisions of the present globe are generally divided right into numerous groups.

LED TV, LCD TV, QLED TV, DLP TV, and also Curved television are some usual examples of present-era tv. Some advanced tvs use plasma panels for displaying bright as well as excellent sharp images.

Where to acquire a tv?

There are numerous TV suppliers that supply different types of televisions. If you intend to buy a good quality television with many functions, you should contact Guangzhou Hanle Electric Home Appliance Market Co., Ltd. 

This professional firm manages numerous designs of TVs and also can guide you much better relating to the television that is finest for you.

curved TV

Curved Television: A Short Overview

Curved TV is one of the most current technologies in television technology. It is also among the extra questionable ones, with some people commenting it and others slamming it for various reasons. Right here is a quick introduction to curved tv for you to determine whether to buy it or otherwise.

Bent television supplies a special viewing experience that might be described as both exciting and relaxing. It generally has a broad field of vision, yet due to the fact that it curves internally toward the visitor, there is no peripheral distortion; you likewise don’t have to look anywhere to see whatever is on the screen. And if you are in the middle, you don’t also need to tilt your head to see everything.

The curved TV does not just offer an immersive as well as comfy viewing experience; it additionally looks fantastic and also will certainly complement any type of home enjoyment system.

Bent Televisions have been gathering a great deal of focus in the current months. It’s not difficult to see why. Typical flat-screen TVs are developed with straight, square sides, yet the most up-to-date curved-screen TVs look sleek and elegant.

Benefits of owning one include an immersive watching experience that makes customers feel like they’re bored by the activity onscreen, better-looking 3D images, and also much better audio optimization.

The high quality of a bent television is normally on par with a level panel tv of the very same size, however, the bent display uses a boosted viewing experience. The curve on a smaller tv can be extra obvious than on a bigger display screen, nonetheless.

Curved TV rates have actually been reduced significantly in the last few years, and also they remain very popular alternatives for consumers shopping for a brand-new tv.

Where to buy a great television?

In this contemporary world, television is an important part of technology. A long period of time back, the TV was much like a wood box as well as made use of to show black and white images with restricted networks. Today, as whatever is going to the following degree, televisions are also updating day after day. Till now, tv exists in numerous kinds. For example Bent television, QLED TV, OLED TV, and so on.

If you are willing to purchase a slim as well as smart television for your house, workplace, or for any place, we can assist you in selecting the best television according to your selection as well as budget plan.

If you want to buy a great tv with different attributes, we will suggest you to buy a QLED ultra-slim screen smart television. QLED television is a next-level tv that collaborates with the aid of quantum dots. The sophisticated pixels that are utilized in this sort of tv discharge their very own light. This means you can delight in a cinema-like experience by viewing films on the QLED TELEVISION.

The ultra-wide watching angle (assists in offering rich details, stable and also clear information) of QLED makes it exceptional as compared to all various other televisions. In addition, if you intend to enjoy a vivid as well as 4K display screen, then no question, QLED is the most effective tv as compared to various other TVs.

If you are interested in purchasing QLED TELEVISION, you can contact Guangzhou Hanle Electrical Devices Co., Ltd. Hanle Market serves high-quality items at inexpensive costs.