Benefits of RO Water Treatment Series

Benefits of RO Water Treatment Series Depending on the water quality you want to achieve, the benefits of RO Water treatment are vast. The water stream after the treatment process is called product water or permeate water. The reject stream or concentrate stream is the water containing concentrated contaminants. The waste stream is called concentrate […]

Fitness on Water

Fitness on Water Fitness on Water is the new trend. Inspired by yoga, pilates, and fitness, this form of exercise can be performed on a floating AQUA FITNESS MAT, a lake, or the sea. Fitness on water works your entire body, including your core, legs, and upper arms. Designed to increase your cardio, this water-based […]

The Benefits of an Underwater Bike

The Benefits of an Underwater Bike The benefits of riding an underwater bike are numerous. This low-impact form of exercise is supposed to have many health benefits, such as a low impact on the joints and muscles. Originally, an Italian physical therapist developed this type of exercise for injured athletes in New York City. While […]

Advantages Of Hydrotherapy !!!

Hydrotherapy is an old technique that is valuable in dealing with numerous conditions without using medicines and supplements. Hydrotherapy is considered an ancient type of physiotherapy that includes the use of water for restorative functions. Depending upon the disease, the water made use of for treatment purposes can be warm or cool. The best temperature […]