How to Choose an Outdoor Wall Washer

How to Choose an Outdoor Wall Washer

Outdoor Wall Washer

The premium aluminium Outdoor Wall Washer is a striking outdoor light fixture, suitable for either exterior or interior use. It is finished in a sleek, neutral black. It measures 200mm wide, 60mm high, and projects 80mm from the wall, making it a versatile and effective solution for any type of outdoor wall space. You can even dim the light to control the amount of lighting, if desired. With its stylish yet functional design, this wall washer will fit in perfectly with your home or office’s decor.

Lighting technique

If you’re considering using an outdoor wall washer to highlight a specific architectural feature on your property, it’s essential to choose the right lighting technique. Outdoor wall washers can be a great option if you want to highlight the character and texture of the structure. However, they can also create glare if the light source is placed on a dark surface. The best approach to lighting a dark surface is to place a single light fixture in the center of the structure.

To create the right effect, select a light that is close to the wall while maintaining a soft ambient glow. You should choose an outdoor flood light because it offers better contrast than a traditional wall washer. If you’re looking for a bolder effect, try installing spotlight fixtures near the building. Alternatively, a large fixture with a full glare guard will create a gorgeous lighting effect and attractive shadow patterns on the ground.

If your walls are light or have a matte texture, you’ll probably want to use this technique. It will make your walls appear larger and flatten any imperfections. It will also serve as indirect ambient lighting, reflecting back off the wall to illuminate surrounding areas. Be careful not to use wall washing on very dark walls, as it won’t work. However, if you do use it wisely, you can have it work wonders on your property.

Another technique for highlighting an architectural feature is wall grazing. This technique is similar to wall washing, but the lights are placed closer to the wall, and focus on the surface instead of the object. Because the light is close to the surface, it doesn’t need to shine straight up, and can even illuminate a structure that’s filled with windows. It’s also important to remember that the angle of the light fixture plays a large role in creating the effect.

LED luminaires

If you’re planning to use LED luminaires in an outdoor wall washer, you’ll want to know how to choose one. These lights will flood up to 8 feet of vertical wall with light. Because of this, they need to be placed a considerable distance away from the wall, usually 2.5 to 3 feet. This is because they are meant for large, outdoor facade projects. Wall washers also come with adjustable beam angles and can be adjusted to achieve the desired effect.

LED wall washers can either be static or have a variable colour-changing feature. Surelight LED wall washers have high-transmittance PMMA lenses and are available in single and RGB-coated models. These are ideal for feature lighting because they give off a spectacular colour wash effect. These luminaires are also highly suitable for events, whether they’re outdoor or indoor. In either case, you’ll have a dazzling wall washer to add to your outdoor lighting setup!

LED luminaires for outdoor wall washers are a great way to bring uniform, indirect lighting to a landscape, especially around a building. Because they use 80% less electricity than traditional halogen-based lights, they also last for 50,000 hours or more, which is a great benefit for the environment. Because of their efficiency, LED luminaires for outdoor wall washers are the future of landscape lighting.

In addition to illuminating the walls, LED wall washers also create a subtle glow on textured surfaces. They can also highlight architectural features by giving off a shadow effect. In addition to the white color, LED wall washers with RGB or RGBW chips can also add a burst of color to the building. By targeting specific colors, LED wall washers can provide a stunning effect for the entire structure.

Color-changing options

A 24V RGB color changing LED wall washer is a high-quality, sleek fitting for indoor or outdoor lighting. Its beam angle allows for more precise lighting control and more exciting shadows. Moreover, wall washers with RGB or RGBW LED chips are available to add vibrant colors to buildings. Such lights can change color in a controlled way and even target a specific color. Therefore, you can find the perfect match for your needs.

RGB or Light-changing options for outdoor wall washers are also available. You can get RGB lights to match the color scheme for any season or event. For example, during Christmas, you can choose red and green colors for your light show, while for Halloween, you can choose dark colors. The most sophisticated wall washers can also change color schemes, giving you the opportunity to set the mood of your outdoor space. While selecting an outdoor LED wall washer, you should bear in mind a few factors.

You can also opt for a textured brick wall and add a touch of texture with wall washing. A more subtle option is wall grazing, which creates shadows on vertical surfaces. However, you must be careful not to create shadows on the wall, because too much darkness can give the facade an eerie look. Although the outdoor LED wall washer is safe to use, you should always exercise caution when using it.

The LED-based outdoor wall washer is most popular for enhancing architectural facades. It can create a dazzling light or a subtle glow, depending on the settings. This type of lighting can even highlight unusual architectural designs and can enhance the appearance of your home’s facade. If you use a color-changing LED wall washer, you can illuminate any wall, including those filled with windows. You can use the same technology in your home and design a beautiful, unique design for your building.


A dimmable outdoor LED wall washer is an excellent option for landscape lighting. It is highly effective and can be installed both indoors and outdoors. The unit is sealed against moisture and liquids and can be placed on the floor or roof. These lights can be used to enhance the appearance of walls in a variety of environments, including architectural, historical, and natural settings. In addition to landscape lighting, these LEDs can be used for accent lights in restaurants and stage sets.

An outdoor wall washer light is perfect for the exterior of a building. Its slim design, size, and sleek black finish make it perfect for exterior applications. This versatile light fixture projects 80mm from the wall and is ideal for exterior applications. Its design makes it easy to install and maintain, and it can be used as a decorative feature on a wall or other area of your home. The dimmable LED wall washer also offers a range of functions and is ideal for many different types of wall space.

One example of a dimmable LED wall washer is the Modux Two Wall Washer. This compact unit produces 130 lumens at 2 watts, but it can be overdriven to three watts. Its Cree LED, which uses a two-watt maximum, is easy to replace and can be substituted for a different colour LED. This unit is extremely small, and can be mounted close to the wall.


The safety of an outdoor wall washer depends on the application. Normally, the purpose of the wall washer is to illuminate the structure of a building. However, this kind of lighting can also beautify an interior wall. R&C lighting offers outdoor LED wall washers. The following are some of the important factors to consider when using one. Keep reading to learn more about the safety of an outdoor wall washer. But, before you start using it, you should first understand its purpose.

Placement is very important. Place the wall washer at a safe distance from the wall. An outdoor wall washer should be a minimum of 2.5 feet away from a wall. Proper placement of an LED wall washer can add character to an otherwise dull outdoor wall. The proper placement of an LED wall washer will help it create an amazing effect. And the beam angle is highly customizable, which allows you to create a unique wall washing effect.

Choose an outdoor wall washer with IP7 protection rating. An IP7 rating means that the wall washer is resistant to dust and water. Its aluminium extruded body and die-cast end caps provide optimal working conditions for the LEDs. This extends LED lifespan. You should also check the wattage of the light. Depending on the output of an outdoor wall washer, you can install a few different types of LEDs.

Wall washers with LED lights are especially popular for architecture. They can provide a soft glow or a broad, uniform shine. The use of LED wall washers can also enhance architectural designs, such as archways and entrances. They can even illuminate a wall filled with windows. It doesn’t matter if the wall is flat or curved. A wall washer can be a decorative accent, which adds charm to any outdoor space.