Reborn Baby Twins Boy And Girl – A Sweet Blessing

Reborn Baby Twins Boy And Girl – A Sweet Blessing


Reborn baby doll twins boy girl

Having twins is no less than a blessing, but when you have a boy and girl twin, the happiness multiplies itself. The team of a brother and sister of the same age plays and learn together, and their giggles can quickly lighten up the house.

While twins increase the joy in the double fold, it also increases the workload for new parents. We are sure that there might be numerous questions in your mind on how to take care of twins? Keeping that in mind, we are here with the best simulator reborn baby twins boy and girl dolls.

Perfectly created with love and care, our reborn baby twins boy and girl, are super adorable and pretty. The dolls range between 17-22 inches with a soft baby talcum powder smell; the babies’ scents come from silicone vinyl material which is completely non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

With the features that include a lovely face, sweet smile, beautiful eyelashes, little blush, natural light pink lips, and blond to black hair, twin dolls exceed the safety requirements of ASTM F963 as well as EN71 for ages 3+, and are perfectly a look alike of a real baby.

The reborn baby twins, boy and girl, can do much more right from bathing to sleeping, offering a unique experience. We aim to spread joy and happiness by offering a compact baby’s bottle, magnetic pacifier, birth card, hairband, and a bunch of clothes. If you wish, you can read some classy bedtime stories and feel the warmth of love you share.

A perfect gift for parents-to-be of the lovely twins, for your kids to learn to play and grow with them, and even for grandparents to share the bond of happiness and love, the reborn baby twins, boy and girl, are a perfect choice to make. Their pure smile and sweet smell will make you fall in love with them again and again.