What Are Arcade Buttons?

Arcade buttons also known as arcade controllers are tiny buttons of various shapes and sizes. These buttons are specially built for arcade games. Arcade gaming machines have different small to big-sized buttons which are used for various purposes. Some arcade gaming machines have 2 to 4 buttons. There are also some gaming machines that require eight arcade buttons to play the game. For example, Aero fighter 2, burning fight, and more.

Why are arcade buttons used?

Arcade buttons are used in arcade gaming machines for giving instructions to the machine. Some arcade gaming machines have joysticks along with arcade buttons for moving to and fro the character in the game. These arcade buttons are used to give special instructions to the character in the game. For example, in the Tekken game, the arcade buttons are responsible for fighting and moving the character here and there.

Where to buy arcade buttons?

Arcade buttons of appropriate size and shape are difficult to find. Also, there are few stores that deal with various types of arcade buttons. If you acquire to buy arcade buttons of suitable size and shape, you can contact IFond Games Co., Ltd. They are the professional supplier of all types of arcade buttons. Besides arcade buttons, they also supply arcade gaming machine-related parts including joysticks, coin acceptors, and more.

The professional team of IFond games can guide you better on which arcade button is right for your machine. And can give you friendly suggestions to save your valuable time and money.

How to choose Arcade Buttons

How to choose Arcade Buttons


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Now a days, “Arcade Buttons” has been attracting attention with the rise of e-sports. Equipped with a lever and multiple buttons, it is attractive that you can enjoy it on PS4 and PC with the same feeling as an arcade game machine in an arcade. Especially in fighting games, there are advantages such as easy command input and button press.

Therefore, this time, we will introduce the tips for best Arcade Buttons. We will also explain how to choose and recommended Arcade Buttons.

Choose by general type:

Lever type

A general type of Arcade Buttons that is operated by tilting a lever with a round grip on the top 360 ° in any direction. In particular, the levers of Sanwa Denshi, a long-established manufacturer of arcade parts, are popular because they are light and easy to rotate. 

Lever-less type

The lever-less type is a type of Arcade Buttons that allows you to input directions with just a button operation. Since it is also used by professional gamers, it has become a hot topic in the e-sports industry. It is recommended for fighting games because you can enter commands in the shortest time.

Choose by play style:

Desk holder

If you want to use the Arcade Buttons on your desk, we recommend the wide top plate type, which has a large size. In particular, the area under the button has a space to put your hand on, which reduces hand fatigue when playing for a long time.

Another advantage is that the operation is stable because it can be moved around the wrist placed on the top plate. Since the size of the product is large, it weighs a certain amount, and it is also attractive that it is easy to stabilize on a desk.

Knee rest

If you want to use the Arcade Buttons on your lap, choose a compact and lightweight type. Large objects such as the wide top plate type do not fit well on the knees, and if they are too heavy, the knees may hurt after playing for a long time. The model with a weight of around 2 kg is recommended because it does not put a burden on the knee and allows stable operation.