Floor Decking Roll Forming Machine

Floor Decking Roll Forming Machine


If you’re in the market for a floor-decking roll forming machine, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn more about the HG series, the Closed type, and the Versa-Dek. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have and provide you with more information. To learn more, contact Rollforming LLC.

HG series

An HG series floor-decking-roll forming machine is a versatile equipment used to form a steel flat sheet into a curved shape. This equipment is used in various industries including power plants, automobile exhibition halls, steel structure workshops, cement warehouses, offices, stadiums, concert halls, large supermarkets, and even Olympic venues. This machine makes it easy to manufacture high-quality steel floor decking that is strong and durable.

HG series floor-decking-roll forming machine features many special functions and a simple design. Its forming machine features high-strand and ribs, and is a popular floor decking equipment in civil construction, large-scale industries, and large-scale building construction. Its reliable performance and low power consumption allow it to make decking for a variety of uses. ASC’s rollforming machines can create a wide variety of metal-decking products, including high-speed flying decks and post-cut floor decking.

The unique design of a floor-decking-roll-forming machine ensures the strength and durability of the material formed. The resulting floor decks are a perfect combination of style and function. Its large-wavelength metal decking features an unmatched strength-to-weight ratio. This versatile equipment is perfect for large and small-scale building projects, and it’s easy to operate and maintain. Its high-wave, strength, and automation ensure the highest quality products every time. The HG series floor-decking-roll-forming machine can be adapted for virtually any type of building surface paneling job.

Open type

A metal floor deck roll forming machine is a modern solution for building work. The machines are used to produce the surface panel for a concrete floor. These machines are normally designed and optimized by computers. MAXON is a Chinese enterprise and over 90% of its buyers use their machines to manufacture metal floor decks. The most common name of this type of machine is floor-decking-roll-forming-machine.

Floor-decking-roll-forming-machinery has many special functions and is a very efficient piece of flooring production equipment. This machine incorporates a hydraulic station, an uncoiler and coil sheet equipment. It also includes a control system and a supporter table. The machine also uses a computer-controlled system to input the specification of the desired floor. The final product is a metal deck with a smooth surface that is suitable for many different applications.

The open type floor-decking-roll-forming-mill is the most common type of floor-decking-roll-forming-matrix. Its open design makes it easy to hang and provides good mechanical properties. Moreover, the open type is more durable and has a higher cost-performance ratio. Despite this, some construction projects may damage the machine during the construction process, so this machine is not a good option for them.

Floor-decking-roll-forming-machines are also known as steel-deck-forming-machine. These machines can be used to form many standard metal deck profiles. One type of metal-deck is the composite metal deck. Its vertical ribs are embossed, enabling it to interlock with concrete slabs. It is used extensively in floor construction and as a permanent steel base for poured concrete slabs. This type of decking offers architects and designers dramatic exteriors that can enhance the aesthetic value of a home or building.

Closed type

A closed type floor-decking roll-forming machine produces steel floor panels with clip lockup. It is widely used in light steel frame buildings. Its service life is long and its easy mounting makes it convenient to use. The machine consists of six major parts, which include the decoiler, cutting parts, hydraulic station, and electronic control system. The steel roller is 45#, and it undergoes electroplating after quenching. A normal floor-deck roll forming machine can be used as well.

Its features include strong bearing capacity and excellent shear resistance. The steel ribs are surrounded by concrete, which effectively maximizes the steel-concrete interaction. It is highly resistant to fire, requiring less steel for covering an area. Its benefits also make it highly economical to use. Its features have led it to become a popular choice for reinforced buildings. These machines can be easily operated.

The floor-deck-roll-forming machine has various special functions and features. It is an efficient piece of flooring production equipment. It features a coil sheet uncoiler and feeding guide, an embossing tool, a PLC control cabinet, hydraulic oil pump, and a supporter table. It also has an automatic location that detects the target products. The machine is controlled by a computer system, and the specifications are inputted directly into the system.

Another type of floor-decking roll-forming machine is the metal deck roll-forming machine. This machine is designed using a computer program. It is used to produce a variety of metal decks and can be used in unusual configurations. These types of floor decking roll-forming machines have a high wave, good strength, and low cost. The advantages of closed type floor-decking roll-forming machine are described below.


The Versa-Dek floor-decking roll-forming machine is a versatile tool for metal decking construction. Its dovetail profile combines structural performance with aesthetic appeal. Its long clear span capacity and UL fire rating makes it ideal for any type of interior or exterior environment. It is available in lengths ranging from six feet to forty feet and meets ASTM specifications for uncoated and galvanized decks.

Its modular design offers structural advantages that are unmatched in other systems. It can be customized with factory-applied coatings and sound absorbing features, as well as with an appealing lineal plank ceiling appearance. And it can be hung by a Versa-Wedge grid hanging system, which makes the equipment economically mobile. Furthermore, its dovetail shape ensures greater load bearing capacity than reinforced concrete slabs of the same depth. The Versa-Dek system offers a seamless integration of MEP and lighting elements.

This machine is also useful for mid-rise residential buildings. Versa-Dek metal decking roll-forming machines are ideal for residential structures. Unlike traditional wood-framed structures, Versa-Floor has a fire-resistance rating of up to four hours. Moreover, the Versa-Dek floor-decking roll-forming machine boasts high automation levels to keep production costs low.

Another benefit of the Versa-Dek roll-forming machine is its ability to create a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and profiles. This versatile tool enables you to build striking interiors with minimal effort and time. Its precision allows for high-quality work. There is no need for a trained professional. The Versa-Dek is an innovative machine that will make your job easier and more profitable.

Standing seam

Standing seam floor-decking roll-forming machines are used in the fabrication of various metal building materials. They are capable of forming corrugated and trapezoidal metal tiles and panels. The metal decking roll-forming machines can also be used in the production of wall and cladding decks. They can also be used in a gym or school. They are ideal for any industrial, commercial, or residential building.

These machines are easy to set up and operate, and are capable of forming composite steel decking, which combines the strength of concrete and steel. They can span greater distances between supporting elements, and require less material to form. The process is also recyclable and requires less construction time. This machine is a cost-effective choice for floor decking projects. If you’d like to learn more about standing seam floor-decking, contact a Roll Forming Machine Support service.

This machine is capable of producing high-quality panels. It has 20 roller stations, and has a Mitsubishi control system for precision adjustments. It uses 13 to 15 tons of raw material, and weighs five tons. A standing seam roll-forming machine can be long or short depending on the profile and materials used. If you’re looking for a machine that can produce roof panels and floor decking panels, consider a standing seam roll-forming machine.

Portable standing seam floor-decking roll-forming machines can handle large-scale production. They can create virtually any length of item and are easy to transport. They can even be raised to the roof or rooftop. They’re also convenient for installers since they can assemble panels on-site, and can be used as a continuous process. There’s no need to set up a schedule for the process since the sheets are produced on-site.

Cable Tray Roll Forming Machine

Cable Tray Roll Forming Machine


If you are looking for the best cable tray roll forming machine to fulfill your requirements, then you have come to the right place. This article will discuss some of the advantages and features of a cable tray roll forming machine. You can also read about the different types of multi-size cable tray roll forming machines. Here are some of the advantages of multi-size cable tray roll forming machine. You will get to know the rollforming process of a cable tray roll forming machine.

-Rollforming process of cable tray roll forming machine

A cable tray roll forming machine is a highly versatile and cost-effective mass production solution for the manufacturing of cable trays. It is used in industrial building projects where the material used is insulated and the cable tray is a necessary part of the build. The cable tray can be manufactured in various sizes, widths, and heights according to the design. The rollforming process is also flexible, resulting in a higher production output.

The process begins with the loading of a new coil onto the decoiler machine. The coil is loaded onto the decoiler by a special device. The decoiler begins the uncoiling process and the material then passes through the straightening machine. It is then passed to the eccentric press, where it is cut and drilled. Finally, the machine stops when the size is correct.

The cable tray roll forming machine has several features, including adjustable width, light-duty, fixed sizes, and punching. The hydraulic press and the electric control panel help you produce better cable trays in a short period of time. As a result, it saves a lot of time. The cable tray roll forming machine is a high-tech production solution for cable trays. It is flexible and offers the perfect combination of price and quality.

The Reliance channel cable tray roll forming machine produces channel cable trays of various sizes, including those of different heights and widths. The machine can process materials of up to 3.0mm thickness. There are various applications for this cable tray, and Reliance is a leading company in the industry. If you’re looking for a reliable cable tray roll forming machine, make sure you choose one from Reliance.

The advantages of a cable tray roll forming machine include lower production costs, a shorter lead time, and very little scrap. The roll forming process is considered to be low-cost and requires little human labor, and it produces very few scrap parts. Moreover, it is possible to amortize these payments over time, so that you can enjoy the low-cost manufacturing solution. A cable tray roll forming machine is ideal for small-to-medium production runs.

The advantages of roll forming machines are numerous and include high productivity. The high-efficiency of this machine makes it the ideal choice for production of high-volume profiles, such as cable trays. In addition to that, it can produce a wide range of materials, including high-strength steels. Furthermore, it is very easy to make minor adjustments and ensure accuracy. It is a great choice for manufacturers that need to turn around their products quickly.

-Features of multi-size cable tray roll forming machine

Multi-size cable tray roll forming machine has the capacity to produce various lengths and heights of cable trays. It can also form cable trays with a thickness of 1.2-2 mm. The new generation of cable trays forming machines is developed to meet various demands of users. These trays can be made according to the DIN rail, which is a standard metal rail made of a cold rolled carbon steel sheet with a bright zinc-plated finish.

The multi-size cable tray roll forming machine from Reliance combines cutting, decoiling, and rolling into a single unit. Reliance provides turnkey solutions and engineers are available for training and installation in the factory. The machine is equipped with various features that enhance cable trays’ productivity. A multi-size cable tray roll forming machine will meet the specific requirements of any cable tray manufacturing company.

The cable tray roll forming machine features a fully automatic production process. It can produce various cable trays of different sizes, with one set of rollers and a punching die. The forming wall automatically changes width and height. It is easy to adjust the length and width of various sizes. The machine’s electrical control panel also allows users to set different lengths and widths. There are various types of cable trays, including fixed, adjustable, and modular ones.

Besides the standard versions, multi-size cable tray roll forming machines also provide strut framing solutions for various uses such as utilities, air handling duct, and general industrial framing. Yoder’s strut tooling design allows a single machine installation to serve the entire product range. For more flexibility, the machine can handle several different profiles and hole patterns. This is a great feature for cable tray manufacturers.

-Advantages of cable tray roll forming machine

A cable tray roll forming machine is a piece of machinery used to form the cable trays. This is a versatile tool that helps in the construction of these structures. They can be made of mild steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, etc. The thickness of the cable tray ranges from 0.8 to 3.0 mm. The width and height of the cable tray can be changed to suit the design. The cable tray roll forming machine’s control panel helps in the automatic adjustment of the total size. It has sensors to monitor the sizes and can be easily programmed to meet the requirements of a particular user.

The advantages of cable tray roll forming machine are numerous. The cable tray roll forming machine integrates several technologies into a single machine, including an unwinding and leveling system, punching/cutting system, automatic conveying system, forming system, and electric control system. It uses a double-sided cantilever structure to make cable trays of any shape and size. The cable tray roll forming machine has a tempered steel frame, which enables it to be highly stable. The cable tray roll forming machine features a sturdily constructed body with an attractive appearance. Its welded steel plate body and frame are durable, and its shaft is made of high-grade material with a hardness of HB280.

A cable tray manufacturing machine can produce cables in stainless steel and galvanized steel. They are an efficient and cost-effective way to transport wires across open spans and prevent fire and overheating issues. Its easy-to-install design makes installation of a cable tray easy. These trays are perforated and bent into the C type. A cable tray manufacturing machine includes a punch press for punching holes and a roll forming machine for bending.

A cable tray roll forming machine can be purchased in various configurations. The standard depth of cable channels is three inches, with optional lengths of up to six inches. The machine’s hydraulic punching unit includes a leveling system and an automatic hydraulic decoiler. Depending on the needs of the customer, some machines have additional features, including welding the ends of the strip. The machine can be configured to change coils within three minutes.

Forming Machine

Reasons to Have a Forming Device

Forming Machine is a maker that can form various sorts of items. It is an ideal remedy for those who are looking for a fast and also efficient method to generate a range of products.

They have a large range of features that enable them to manage different sorts of materials efficiently as well as successfully.

There are numerous reasons you should choose a creating device over various other approaches. First, the advantages of using a forming device are unlimited. These devices can be utilized for many different applications as well as it is necessary to consider every one of the advantages before picking which equipment to purchase.

Below are some of one of the most usual advantages:

Fast Production Time:

One of the biggest advantages of using a creating device is that it will certainly help reduce production time. If you have ever before remained in a scenario where somebody needs something quickly, you know exactly how important this facet can be. Using a forming device will certainly enable you to create products much faster than if they were done manually or by hand. This means that your service will certainly be able to meet consumer demand a lot more efficiently as well as with much less stress on your employee.

Better Item:

One more reason why you need to think about investing in creating equipment is that it can boost the quality of your product or service. Instead of having to depend entirely on manual labor or outsourcing it totally, you can now generate high-quality products with little effort at all. This means that clients will have the ability to believe in their purchase and feel comfy recognizing that.