Understand About Laser Welding With This Post!!!

Laser welding is a method of joining steels or thermoplastics along with the use of a laser beam of light. Laser welding can be done at high welding rates of meters per min in slim plates as well as tiny objects, while in deep welds between square-edged items in larger products since it creates such a focussed warmth resource.

How does It function?

There are 2 various fundamental modes of laser welding. The power capacity across the beam of light affecting the workpiece determines the way in which the laser beam interacts with the product it is welding.

Transmission restricted Welding

When the power density is less than 105W/cm2, transmission limited welding is made use of. The laser light beam is entirely soaked up in the material’s surface area and also does not penetrate it. Conduction-limited welds typically have a big width-to-depth ratio consequently.

keyhole welding

Laser welding with higher power thickness is a lot more normal when a keyhole device is utilized. When a laser light beam is focused narrowly sufficient to supply a power density of > 106-107 W/cm2, the material in the light beam’s path melts as well as evaporates prior to the transmission can remove significant amounts of heat. The concentrated laser beam of light after that enters the work surface, creating a cavity filled with steel vapor, which is called a “keyhole.”.

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Benefits Of Laser Welding Machine

The technique of welding is used for joining two or more parts firmly together. It is believed that Egyptians were the ones who learned to weld iron pieces together. After that, the technology of welding went to its peak and its various types were introduced. Till now, various types of welding are known. Each type of welding is used for a specific purpose and gives satisfying results. Some types of welding are given below:

  • Arc welding
  • Energy beam welding
  • Laser welding, and more.

Among various types of welding, arc welding is further divided into various types. Well, in this article, our main topic to discuss is laser welding. Without any further delay, let’s begin with our main topic:

What is laser welding?

As the name suggests, the technique of welding in which lasers are used for joining two or more parts of thermoplastics and metal together is known as laser welding. The high energy beam of the laser is emitted from the source that helps in joining various parts together. Laser welding is almost used in every industry ranging from jewelry to automobile industries.

Why is laser welding preferred over other types of welding?

Laser welding is generally preferred over other types of welding because it entertains the user through countless benefits. A few are given below:

  1. Excellent results
  2. No tough and long practice is required to learn the working of the laser machines.
  3. No or little polish is required after welding, and more.

Where to buy a laser welding machine?

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Perks Of Laser Welding Machine

As the name suggests, the advanced machine that welds two objects together with the help of lasers is known as a laser welding machine. It is a non-contact process that allows various kinds of metals to be assembled mainly with the help of laser beams. Laser welding is highly preferable for such applications that require thin welding, high speed, low thermal distortion with accurate and precise results. 

There are countless perks of laser welding machines as compared to ordinary welding machines. A few pros of laser welding machine are given below:

  1. The laser welding machine is capable of welding metals like stainless steel, aluminum, thin brass, and iron three to ten times faster as compared to ordinary or traditional welding machines.
  1. The welding quality that is obtained from laser welding is comparatively high as compared to ordinary machines. The person should have a lot of experience in obtaining satisfactory results with traditional welding machines.
  1. People who are using welding machines for the very first time can easily use a laser welding machine after 2-3 hours of practice. Whereas, the process of ordinary welding is complicated and requires a lot of training and practice. The traditional welding processes require a professional welding technician. 
  1. After welding different materials, polish is used to clean the surface and make it even. If you are using a laser welding machine, there is little or no need for a polish after welding (it depends on material and welder).

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