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Why Should We Install Fingerprint Door Locks?

The first question that comes to mind when somebody mentions fingerprint door locks is: why should we install fingerprint door locks?

Technology is fun when it’s practical, and the practicality of smart locks has been increasing steadily. Some of the features that we now take for granted were only made possible by digital technology: GPS, for example, or the ability to find and reserve a rental car with our phones. 

Some might think this is a waste of money, but I can see why we should install fingerprint door locks. First, the ease of use is worth the money.

Fingerprint door locks are a new technology that has been found in the market today. It is said to be very safe and reliable too.

According to the experts, this technology is the best option for people who need security in their homes and offices. It is safe, easy to use, and convenient; anyone would love to have it installed. It is also easy to maintain.

The primary reason people use fingerprint locks is that they are straightforward to use and install. There is no need for a key, which makes it easier for people as they do not have to carry a key around all day long. Also, these doors offer added security to your house. 

If someone tries to break into your house, these doors will only open when it identifies the owner’s fingerprint and will not open for anyone else. It acts as an added layer of security for the houses. The best part about these doors is that they are very affordable and are easy to install.

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Unlock Your Home Doors With Technology

Use your mobile phone as a key for the front door? This is no longer a future, but a reality for a long time. Networked, secure, without a key: Smart Locks open the front door for residents and guests via different ways for example smartphone apps, code, fingerprint, or completely automatic. Six door locks are explained under and you can get them from different smart door locks suppliers.

Open the front doors With the help of the internet? 

That’s where the fun of the beautiful networked world ends for many. After all, the entrance door protects the holy of holies – the private living space.

Burg-W├Ąchter Secu Entry Easy 5602 Fingerprint: 

This lock does not open the door itself. It unlocks the lock cylinder by radio; the user has to turn it. The cylinder with a rounded lump can be adjusted for many door thicknesses.

Danalock V3: 

The lock opens automatically when the mobile phone approaches and also offers remote access via a separately available WLAN bridge. The setup works easily, in the test the lock on a slightly cracked door did not open the latch reliably.  

Danalock V3 HomeKit: 

Much similar to the Danalock V3, but one can integrate it into the Apple HomeKit system and listen to voice commands. So that it doesn’t open to everyone, it asks for an iPhone code or fingerprint. 

eQ-3 Eqiva Bluetooth Smart door lock drive: 

The cheapest model works simply: The Eqiva Smart Lock is clamped on the inside of the lock cylinder and turns the key in the lock.

Nuki Smart Lock: 

The battery-operated Nuki turns the key in the lock and also accepts AA batteries. Nuki can open automatically as soon as residents approach the door – or lock when they leave the area around the apartment.