The Sweet Potato, thanks to its high material of complex carbohydrates

What is Sweet potato powder?

At Peruvian Nature, the wonderful potato powder is the result of a process that starts with the growing of the superfood and then goes through the collection and also choice of the harvest, to lastly be refined (disinfection, and also reduction of microbial load by our OSS procedure) with the highest possible security standards endorsed by global qualifications such as BRC, HACCP.

Till July 2021, Peruvian pleasant potato exports went beyond 6 million kilos for a worth of over 2.4 million bucks. That is, dual what was achieved in 2015. The main destinations were the Netherlands, with 49%, Chile as well as the United States.

Benefits of pleasant potato powder

Pleasant potato is the sixth crucial crop around the world and its manufacturing exceeds 105 million statistics tons, thanks to its natural qualities to grow in varied problems. Nonetheless, not all pleasant potato varieties have the very same energy worths.

Its residential or commercial properties differ relative to the shade of the pulp and also the area where they are planted. One of the most typical value in all its specimens is the low portion of fat. Among them, the orange pleasant potato stands out as an outstanding resource of beta-carotene that, when entering our body, becomes vitamin An and can substantially assist enhance our body immune system and also improve eyesight.

But there is likewise the purple wonderful potato, high in anthocyanins, a natural pigment to which it owes its color and which is a good anti-oxidant that subdues infections and also adds to far better heart function.

On top of that, it has a vitamin called tocopherol (vitamin E) that is abundant in antioxidants and also assists avoid infections and also common ailments such as the flu.

The Sweet Potato, thanks to its high material of complex carbohydrates, which are absorbed extra gradually, creates a terrific supply of energy as well as keeps the energy supply for longer.

In addition, it provides the lowest glycemic index contrasted to the roots. This is essential for athletes due to the fact that it creates a steady increase in blood sugar, so you feel complete for a longer time period without experiencing spikes or spikes in blood glucose degrees.

In all type of sweet potato, we will find lipids, healthy proteins, fats, starch, sugars, vitamins, minerals and also amino acids. In its natural presentation it is 95% water.