Yamaha YAM-500 Preamps

Yamaha YAM-500 Preamps

Pro Amplifier

I have owned two Yamaha YAM-500 preamps, the SM-70 and the XLS 1002, and I’d like to share my experiences and opinions on each of them. I’ve been using the YAM-500 for a little over a year and I’ve had nothing but good things to say about it. This article will help you find a better preamp for your needs.


The SM-70 Pro is an impressively priced, pint-size stereo power amplifier. It produces up to 80 watts of power when bridged as a monoblock. The SM-70 Pro features fully balanced circuitry, which routes the positive and negative legs of the audio signal to the left and right channels of the amplifier. A loudspeaker is connected to the positive binding posts on each channel.

The SM-70 Pro Amplifier has outstanding transparency compared to many other amplifiers in its price range. The amp’s transparency is essential for reproducing natural sonic signatures. Because it boasts balanced inputs, it is able to compete with the best amps on the market. While it may not be perfect, the SM-70 Pro is certainly an impressive amplifier. Its remarkably low price and gutsy sound will appeal to audiophiles.

The SM-70 Pro features a switch to bridge mode when used with a single-ended input. This mode routes the output of the left-channel gain-stage op-amp through a resistor to the inverted input of the right-channel op-amp. In this manner, the left channel gains in voltage and controls the right-channel’s voltage gain. The switch between single-ended and dual-ended input mode makes the SM-70 Pro an excellent choice for those looking for an affordable amplifier for their home audio system.

XLS 1002

The Crown XLS 1002 is a two-channel, 350W power amplifier that has increased DSP capabilities, a band pass filter, and two separate inputs. This amplifier has been rated for use with powered speakers and is ideal for home entertainment systems. This Crown amplifier uses a DriveCore Class D amplification platform and features built-in DSP, dedicated band pass filters per channel, and Peakx Limiters. Input sensitivity is 1.4 Vrms. The XLS 1002 also offers a streamlined, sleek look with a large LCD display and more advanced features.

The amplifiers have a sleep mode that turns off all LED indicators except clip and thermal, which makes them less distracting in dark venues. Security mode disables menu buttons, but enables you to enter a combination code to unlock them. You can also perform a full system reset to restore the amplifier to factory settings. And if you’re not satisfied with the quality of the sound, you can always opt for remote power trigger.


The Crown Pro amplifier is the flagship product of the new audio company, Crown International. It is a subsidiary of Harman International Industries, which is a part of South Korea-based Samsung Electronics. It has been producing high-quality audio equipment for more than 70 years, and is now part of the Samsung Group. This means that you can expect to receive many years of dependable service from Crown Pro. In addition to its high-quality products, the Crown Pro also features a great price point.

The CT 8150 is the flagship model in Crown’s ComTech DriveCore power amplifier line. This unit is designed for installations that require premium audio, multi-channel operation, and zero ambient fan noise. With eight channels and 125 watts per channel, the CT 8150 is a great choice for any installation. DriveCore technology combines the power output stage with the amplifier’s drive stage, enabling the power amplifier to operate at lower power levels while maintaining superior sonic characteristics.

Featuring a fully integrated suite of processing tools, the Crown XTi 4002 features a universal tracking switch-mode power supply. Its enhanced Subharmonic Synth makes it easier to control frequency, gain, and filter types. The XTi 4002 amp receives an audio signal from your mixing board and boosts it for pristine sound quality. And it weighs less than twelve pounds. Crown Pro amplifiers are ideal for recording studios, live performance stages, and even home audio.


The GX5 Pro amp features a speaker binding post and a speakON connection for the subwoofer. This amp also has detented gain controls, and features QSC GuardRail protection to prevent overheating, overstretching, and detrimental overloads. The amp’s 180 Hz crossover enables it to drive subwoofers effectively. Because of its lightweight design, it’s perfect for installation in a mid-sized venue or as a mobile DJ amplifier.

The GX5 is the middle child of the QSC GX line of power amplifiers. It has 500-watt power output to 8-ohm speakers, and 600-watts to a 2-channel setup. Its superior heat gain management also means it is perfect for medium-sized venues with multiple onstage monitors. The QSC GX5 Pro amp is a great choice for any professional entertainer.

Samson Servo 120A

The Servo 120A is a reference-class audio amplifier that delivers reliability and performance in a compact design. Featuring a 120-watt peak output power, it delivers 60-watts per channel into 4 ohms, or a whopping 120-watts into 8-ohms when used in bridge mode. Its design allows for high-end stereo and surround sound enjoyment, even in difficult listening situations.

The Servo 120A delivers reference-class audio performance in a small, single-rackspace package. Its innovative bipolar circuit design delivers 60 watts per channel into 4 ohms and 120 watts into 8-ohms in bridge mode. Its durable, high-quality construction, and relay-controlled power-on circuitry make it ideal for a variety of music production situations, including small stage sound systems, DJ mobile rigs, and professional studio monitors. This amplifier is also protected against thermal and overcurrent damage with a three-year Samson warranty.

The Servo 120A is also ideal for larger audio applications, including multiple speaker chains and large format speakers. The Servo amp features a convenient front panel with a power switch, left and right channel input level controls, and a 10-segment LED meter. A headphone jack and speaker on/off switches are included. The Servo 120A also features a 3-color LED meter.

Crown’s XLS 1002

The XLS 1002 Pro Amplified Series from Crown represents a new era of high-quality power amplification at affordable prices. Four models are available in this line of power amplifiers, designed to fit the needs of musicians, DJs, entertainers, and house of worship applications. These amplifiers also work well in pubs and discos. This amplifier is equipped with a powerful, yet efficient, Class D output stage for optimum sound quality.

Crown Audio’s XLS 1002 stereo power amplifier features 350W at four ohm, a Class D amplification platform. It also features a built-in DSP, a dedicated band pass filter on each channel, and a Peakx Limiter to preserve the sonic integrity of your speakers. Besides its excellent sound quality, the XLS 1002 has a large LCD display for monitoring and tuning your speakers and crossovers. Its system EQ and high-quality audio components are sure to make your listening experience enjoyable and rewarding.

The XLS 1002 is equipped with an on/off switch and a user-friendly LCD screen. It also features a dedicated menu button and an on/off switch. Its four inputs accommodate most audio sources, and include 1/4-inch line-level inputs and binding posts, as well as Neutron Speakon outputs. Additionally, the XLS 1002 features a built-in circuit breaker and PureBand crossover system with high-pass, low-pass, and band-pass filters.

Yamaha PX3

The Yamaha PX3 Pro Amplifier is designed to provide the best audio quality for your music. Its advanced onboard features include PEQ, delay, limiter, and D-CONTOUR multi-band dynamic processing. These features allow you to control your sound with great precision and consistency. The PX3 comes with a carrying handle for convenient portability. Its hefty design and powerful sound make it a great choice for touring musicians.

The PX3 is driven by a newly developed Class-D amplifier engine that incorporates PLL technology, which allows the transfer characteristics to be controlled in real time. These features help this power amplifier deliver a higher output while reducing noise and ensuring reliable protection. Its advanced design makes it an excellent choice for a variety of applications, from concerts to home theaters. The PX3 has many great features that make it an ideal choice for musicians of all skill levels.

The PX3 Pro Amplifier offers dual channels with powerful built-in processing. Its onboard equalization, delay network, and crossovers provide high-quality sound at a reasonable price. Its built-in delays and phase coherence across all channels are easy to control via an LCD display. Its ultra-lightweight design is easy to carry and makes it an ideal choice for traveling.