Wedding Dress Storage: How to Properly Store your Wedding Dress

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The wedding dress – chosen for a long time, paid a lot and worn short. The question that comes with a wedding dress and that many brides ask is often how best to store the wedding dress permanently until the wedding or after the big day? 

The storage complex itself often, then many people think and there is important information that you should consider if you want to please you for a long time at your beautiful wedding dress. We’ll tell you what is important and which tips will not damage your dream in an off-white bridal lace fabric dress by storing it.

Storage Until the Wedding:

Once the wedding dress has been chosen, it usually takes a few months or weeks until the wedding day. Many future brides are already wondering how and where best to store the dress for this transitional period so that it looks perfect on the wedding day.

On the one hand, there is the option of having the well-chosen wedding dress stored in the bridal shop, as we do with YES TO THE DRESS. In some cases, a small fee will be charged for storage.

You can also keep your wedding dress at home until the wedding if you want. For this storage option, you should ensure that the wedding dress is properly packed: A dark-tinted, air-permeable fabric cover made of chlorine-free silk protects against light and ensures that your dress is adequately ventilated. 

In most cases, this garment bag is given by the bridal shop and the dress can be hung in or in the closet for a short period of up to a few weeks if it is high enough.

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