Keep your construction site clean

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YSNetting a China-based company that produces commercial shade fabrics. Its products are categorized into the following:-

  • Agriculture shade cloth
  • Aluminum Shade Screen.
  • Fruit tree net.
  • Greenhouse screen.
  • Scaffold debris netting.
  • Sports barrier netting.

One of its most prominent products is custom scaffold netting. It is made up of HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene). It is flame and UV rays resistant. It is lightweight. It allows light and air ventilation. It blocks the wind. It encloses the construction sites and keeps them clean. Its holes are 1 by 4 inches. It is a knitted mesh material. It is most widely used as the windscreen, guardrail debris protection, shade cloths, or scaffolding enclosures. It inhibits UV rays which increase its life expectancy. It is tear-resistant due to its tightly knitted mesh design. Debris netting rolls comprise finished hemmed edges. They have eyelet buttonholes to fasten and install them easily, safely, and securely. They are tightly packed into poly bags. They are labeled with their specific brands for easy handling and shipping. Before delivery, it is made sure that these YSNetting Nets meet the standards of the construction industry.

They are long-lasting because they are UV stabilized. They also remain flexible in extreme climates and cold weather. They are available in various unique and stunning colors. They match the color of the environment where they are placed such that they enhance the beauty of that area.

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