QLED – What is it?

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If you’re looking for a new TV, you’ve probably come across the abbreviation QLED. In this article, we explain what that means and what you can expect from QLED.

QLED televisions are supposed to deliver particularly brilliant TV pictures with great brightness – but is that really true?

Before we get down to business, here are a few basics for a better understanding: Every television generates its colors by mixing red, green, and blue light in the pixels. Therefore, each pixel – i.e. a picture element – consists of the basic TV colors red, green, and blue.

QLED is an advanced LCD technology for better pictures, with more colors and stronger contrast than before. What is special about QL ED is an extra film between the LED lighting and the liquid crystals in the LCD panel. Special particles, so-called quantum dots, are accommodated in the film. The Quantum Dots emit pure green and red light when in operation. Blue light comes from the LED backlight. In the end, quantum dot technology provides a backlight that, with its red, green, and blue components, ideally matches the basic TV colors red, green, and blue.


If you are not primarily looking for a TV for a darkened home cinema, but also want to watch TV really well in a bright room, QLED TVs are definitely a real recommendation.

All in all, according to our tests, QLED televisions offer high picture quality at a very good price-performance ratio.

These televisions not only bring bright and high-contrast pictures but are also significantly cheaper to buy with the large diagonals.

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