Electronic Door Locks

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The following scenario scares women in particular: They are on their way home in the evening and hear footsteps behind them. Someone seems to be approaching. When they get to the front door, they look excitedly in their purse for the key… and can’t find it.

Now the head cinema decides how things end. Situations like this could be a thing of the past. Electronic door locks are the solution and can even be used in rental properties. You react via the app, remote control, numerical code, or fingerprint door lock. Access to the house is granted to those persons who have access authorization. So far, however, they have not worked entirely without risk.

The Investment Costs:

In terms of price, electronic door locks differ only slightly depending on the manufacturer. In general, about 100 euros must be expected to purchase a model. The attachment does not necessarily have to be carried out by a specialist. 

The providers inform the buyer about all steps of the assembly by means of installation instructions and provide meaningful video instructions. If you consider the benefits that an electronic door lock can bring later, the manageable costs should speak for the electronic door lock.

The Installation:

Many manufacturers of electronic door locks are thinking ahead. If the electronic door lock is used in the rented property, the buyer should be able to remove it without leaving any residue when moving out and take it with them to their new home. That is why the attachments on the interior doors can not only be drilled but also glued on. 

However, users should consider the following before installation: the beard of the security key, which remains stuck in the lock from the inside, may have to be sawn off before the electronic door lock is installed. This can cause trouble for the landlord, at least if it is a master key that has several functions. Unlike a simple key, it cannot simply be copied for the next tenant. Otherwise, installing an electronic door lock is easy.

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