Benefits of Playing Golf

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Golf is a luxurious as well as an expensive game that gives you countless benefits; both physically and mentally. In this game, a person known as a golfer hits the ball via clubs of various shapes, into a series of various holes. The grassy ground on which golf is played is known as a golf course. The ideal size of the golf course should be almost a hundred to two hundred acres. 

The golfer strikes the ball in various holes and in order to reach the ball, and to the tee, a golf cart is required. A golf cart plays a crucial role at many golf parks. A golf cart is also used to visit the golf course. As the golfer cannot walk while carrying a heavy bag of golf clubs on the golf course, a golf cart is an excellent option to enjoy the game. 

As mentioned earlier, by playing the game of golf, you can stay mentally and physically fit. There are also numerous benefits of playing golf. Read on to know what they are:

  1. Playing golf is a great way to relax and to sensate hormones like endorphin, serotonin. It is proven that the game helps in alleviating depression and anxiety.
  1. Along with walking, the game of golf is a great way which can lead to work out. It’s like a workout while playing.
  1. If you prefer walking over a golf cart, you can easily lose weight. A full 18-hole round of golf involves a walk of nearly five to six miles.  

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