21 Reasons To Use Silica Sol Casting

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Silica sol casting technology is a new kind of precision casting process. The difference between silica sol casting and traditional water glass casting is that the binding force of silica sol is the strong chemical bond, not the physical bond, so the structure of the product is finer and more compact than water glass sand. 

In addition, it has high strength, good toughness, high-temperature resistance, and corrosion resistance. The benefits are unlimited. Down below, we have compiled 21 reasons to use silica sol casting for your next project:

  1. The surface quality of silica sol precision casting products is good, and its performance can be comparable to that of investment castings.
  2. It has strong adaptability for complex shapes, thin-walled and complex inner cavity castings.
  3. There is no sand inclusion in precision castings by the silica sol process
  4. High dimensional accuracy
  5. Good repeatability
  6. Low labor intensity, short production cycle
  7. Flexible production
  8. Low pollution
  9. Strong anti-oxidation ability
  10. High wear resistance
  11. Corrosion resistance
  12. High strength
  13. Good wear resistance
  14. Good surface finish
  15. High dimensional accuracy
  16. Low shrinkage
  17. Good machinability
  18. Wide range of materials
  19. Few defects
  20. Can be used to produce metal parts with very complicated shapes
  21. The mold can be reused

The Takeaway:

Silica sol casting is an important process in the development of parts. This method produces castings with superior surface quality and fine details. It can be used for a wide range of applications including large scale industrial production, small and medium series as well as limited individual parts

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