The Bath in the Hot Tub is a Feast for the Senses

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A dip in the large hot tub relieves stress and hectic. It is conducive to restful sleep and a fresh start to the day. The bubble bath has positive effects on the mind and body. Water pressure and heat ensure a relaxed feeling and increase well-being.

Regeneration in Hot Tubs:

Water massage has been part of hydrotherapy for a number of years. The buoyancy of the water relieves the joints and spine and improves blood circulation in the muscles. The massage function in the hot tubs has a relaxing effect on tension. The arrangement of the massage jets contributes to the targeted treatment of specific parts of the body.

Various Nozzles and Jets:

Each body zone has its problem areas and each individual jet produces different effects. There are rotating or pulsating nozzles. Some have a large number of openings and scatter the water jet over a large area on the body. This is in preparation for a deep tissue massage. A large and powerful jet creates a hard, deep massage for the lower back muscles. 

Jets with rotating inserts cause a soft and constructive message. You can have the soles of your feet massaged by the pressure of the water jet. A highlight is a “floating zone” on the lying surface. The water and air massage flow onto the body from the floor. Sometimes the splashing of a waterfall is enough to put you in a relaxed mood. Some hot tub bath fans can be enthusiastic about light shows, others listen to music while whirling.

The Right Hot Tub Model:

Choosing the right hot tub model is important. Both the number and height and weight of the users must be considered before making a purchase decision. A three-seater model seems cramped for two “large” people. Ideally, the shoulders are immersed in the water. 

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