Charging The Motorcycle Battery – That’s How It’s Done

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The motorcycle battery is a very important part of your motorcycle because without a fully charged battery the motorcycle will not make a sound and it cannot be ridden. It is therefore important that you pay some attention to your motorcycle battery and take care of it, especially during the winter break. 

In this guide, you can read how to charge your motorcycle battery and get it through the winter.

You get the motorcycle out of the garage, turn the ignition key, but the displays on the dashboard show nothing, you tap the start button and nothing happens – clear case: the motorcycle battery is empty. 

As motorbikes often stand still for a long time, it can happen that the self-discharge is too great and the “juice” is no longer sufficient to start the motorbike. Such a deep discharge is not good for a motorcycle battery and should be avoided. But the battery is not immediately a cause for scrap, because it can be charged.

Charging The Motorcycle Battery:

First, you need to remove the battery from the motorcycle. If you don’t know where the battery is, look in the owner’s manual for the motorcycle or ask Google. 

First disconnect the cable from the negative pole of the battery, then that from the positive pole. Now loosen the retaining strap or the retaining screw of the battery. You can now remove them from the motorcycle.

If the battery is very dirty, the first thing to do is to clean it. A cleaning rag and water do a good job here.

Now take the battery charger and first connect the negative pole to the battery, then connect the positive pole and plug the mains plug of the charger into the socket.

If you have an acid battery, the plugs must be opened during charging.

Once the battery is charged, first remove the mains plug, then the negative pole, and then the positive pole of the charger.

Now reinstall the battery in the motorcycle in reverse order. After turning the ignition key you will see that everything works as usual again. If not, then your battery is defective and needs to be replaced with a new one, new ones are available at the motorcycle battery supplier.

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