How To Install A Water Filter

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Few people are completely satisfied with the quality of ordinary tap water. It is often either overly mineralized or has significant impurities such as rust or silt deposits. Water filters will help get rid of such troubles. 

After choosing a suitable water machine in terms of performance and degree of cleaning, as well as the method of cleaning, it should be installed directly on the water inlet to the apartment, immediately after the meter.

Step 1

Decide on the location of the filter. If it is a central filter, then place them directly near the water inlet into the apartment and immediately after the meter. If we are talking about fine filters or reverse osmosis filtration systems, then it is better to install them near the sink in the kitchen or bathroom.

Step 2

The bottles in which the replaceable filters are used require space that is 15 cm wide, 50 cm high, and 15 cm deep. The installation site must be easily accessible for easy filter replacement. 

Step 3

Determine where it is best to install the filter based on requirements to minimize the distance the water lines need to be relocated or extended. Cut off the water supply to the apartment.

Step 4

After the meter, fix a piece of pipe that will reach the location of the filter and consider the conclusions from it. The nipple should end with an adapter. The set for the filter bottles has a short branch pipe with a fixed movable nut, screw it into the water pipe outlet. 

In relation to the tube, mark the position of the piston body mounts. Drill two holes in the marked places, insert the dowels, and screw in the hooks or screws. Shorten the pipe that distributes the water in the apartment by the distance occupied by the filter and mount it with a female coupler. 

Attach the second filter tube included in the kit. Connect the filter bottle on both sides and turn on the water supply.

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