Plastic bags can be made using 70% of the power of paper bags.

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The material of trash can as well as food storage bags is “polyethylene”. As a result, garbage bags and food storage bags are likewise called “plastic bags“.

Polyethylene is a sort of “plastic” made from “naphtha” that has been fine-tuned from petroleum.

Words “plastic” in translation from English means “complimentary as well as soft.”

It’s called “artificial resin” since it imitates the sticky “material” that comes from natural ache as well as lacquered wood.

The 4 synthetic resins polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, and vinyl chloride are likewise called “general purpose resins” and also account for about 70% of the total production of lots of artificial materials.

Among them, polyethylene has a large manufacturing quantity as well as is commonly utilized in food product packaging, wrapping film, confectionery bag, plastic shopping bag, kerosene can, pail, and so on.

Plastic bags are in fact environmentally friendly.

  • The burning of polyethylene releases co2, water and heat. Damaging materials such as dioxins are not created. When it is shed in a waste treatment plant, it is exchanged gas as well as the quantity of fuel, such as fuel oil, is minimized.
  • Since (poly)ethylene is inevitably formed throughout oil refining, making use of polyethylene is extra environmentally friendly since it does not take in resources. Polyethylene is the residue or unwanted of refined oil such as gasoline and also fuel oil.
  • Plastic bags are thin, so they call for very couple of resources.
  • Plastic bags are not as bothersome as they seem. Less than 1% noticeable waste, only 0.4% home waste.
  • The plastic bag that you use every time is extra hygienic than the eco-friendly bag that you utilize several times.
  • Plastic bags have a high degree of reuse. Example) After being used as a shopping bag, use it as a garbage bag.
  • Some cities, communities and towns reuse the heat and use it as gas for incinerators, which can reduce the quantity of gas used so there is no waste. Total carbon dioxide emissions do not differ substantially with and without thermal recirculation.
  • Plastic bags can be made using 70% of the power of paper bags.
  • The number of trucks needed to deliver plastic bags is one 7th that of paper bags.
  • The quantity of water required to make a plastic bag is 1/25 the quantity of a paper bag.
  • Contrasted to paper bags, plastic bags are much less large than paper bags.
  • Some paper bags are recyclable and some are not. Recycling is not possible depending on the type of laminate or rope.
  • Paper bags use woodland resources.

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