Remarkable Equipment of Aile Automation

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Guangzhou Aile Automation Tools Co., LTD is a current automation equipment supplier in China that takes care of numerous makers connected to aerosol dental filling tools and various other cosmetic/perfume tools. They offer ONE-STOP solutions throughout the world. Their major equipment is classified as listed below:

  • RO water therapy series
  • Mixing container collection
  • Aerosol loading series
  • Fragrance filling collection
  • Filling capping labeling series
  1. RO water therapy collection:

RO water treatment series includes a large range of equipment that is used to get clean and clear water for pharmaceutical, aesthetic, food purposes, and so on. The RO (reverse osmosis) system utilizes a semi-permeable membrane to filter out the water. Different kinds of filters are made use of in the RO water therapy collection. Each filter specifies each version of the RO system.

  1. Mixing tank collection:

The mixing tank collection is extensively made use of for blending or blending various products with each other. It is used in pharmaceutical industries, food and also drinks, and cosmetic sectors for the mixing of numerous substances. Likewise, it is highly helpful in the production procedure of detergents, shampoos, lotions, and so on.

  1. Aerosol loading collection:

Aile automation is a specialist firm that takes care of every piece of equipment related to aerosol fields. They manage A-Z items varying from an aerosol filling up the machine to BOV aerosol.

  1. Perfume loading collection:

The perfume loading collection of Aile automation makes up of different types of equipment that are used in small sectors as well as in big markets for filling different bottles as well as containers.

  1. Filling up capping labeling series:

The filling covering labeling series is utilized for loading and identifying the bottles. This machine is extensively used for filling thickness products such as lotions, alcohol, sanitizer gel, body wash, etc


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