The mystical acronym MDF is discovered in all building and furniture stores.

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The mystical acronym MDF is discovered in all building and furniture stores. This material is made use of to make floor and also wall surface treatments, cabinets, shelves and also accessories. It appears to be progressively changing chipboard and various other familiar alternatives. Yet what is MDF and also what are the benefits and also functions of using MDF boards?

Waste from the woodworking industry, secondary raw materials, trimmings, shavings and also various other illiquid assets are used for the production of MDF. They are refined into an uniform great mass, which is dried as well as combined with the glue structure. As a binder, natural materials as well as paraffins are utilized, so that in spite of the synthetic beginning, MDF stays a natural as well as eco-friendly material.

An uniform mass is positioned in a press, where it is under pressure at high temperature. Paraffin provides the dampness resistance of the material, as well as the lack of formaldehyde – its widespread use in the furnishings industry as well as interior design.


The difference in between chipboard and also MDF is in manufacturing technology since chipboard is a chipboard with formaldehyde materials as a binder. The structure includes much more chemical parts, the portion of resources is bigger, as well as the thickness of the boards is lower.

Chipboard is additionally thought about a secure product, however still sheds to MDF boards in this indication. It also sheds in terms of resistance to dampness since the chipboard swells gradually. However resistance to temperatures above 70 degrees is higher for chipboard.

Types of MDF panels:

There is no normally approved merged classification of MDF panels: they differ in the way of processing as well as objective. But depending on the finish, several large classifications of product can be differentiated.

  • Laminated MDF
  • Repainted MDF
  • Grated MDF
  • Veneered MDF
  • Shiny MDF
  • Flexible MDF

MDF furniture

Moisture-resistant MDF panels are used to make cabinet furniture, countertops, shelves as well as decoration. This is a good as well as spending plan alternative for a headset in the kitchen or bathroom. Just bear in mind that also refined MDF boards should not be placed near to heating home appliances. Usage safety steel or glass linings.

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