The plaster powder production line can produce different sorts of plaster powder.

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Gypsum Powder Production Line

The plaster powder production line can produce different sorts of plaster powder, consisting of food grade plaster powder and also kitchen area plaster powder. Additionally, building and construction, developing materials, commercial as well as imaginative mold and mildews, chemical industry, agriculture, food sector, medication and appeal, etc It is a vital commercial tools for the manufacturing of resources.

1. Plaster powder can be separated into phosphorus gypsum powder, desulfurized gypsum powder, citric acid plaster powder, fluorine gypsum powder, and so on relying on the physical structure.

2. Depending on the shade, it can be separated right into red plaster powder, yellow plaster powder, green gypsum powder, blue plaster powder, white plaster powder, blue gypsum powder, tinted gypsum powder, etc 3. According to physical properties, it can be separated right into dolomite gypsum powder, clay gypsum powder, chlorite plaster powder, snow plaster powder, talcum plaster powder, sandy gypsum powder, fiber gypsum into dirt etc 4. It can be separated into structure product plaster powder, chemical gypsum powder, food gypsum powder, cast plaster powder, etc relying on the application.

Frequently asked questions

What items can gypsum powder be utilized for? Can it be used for chemicals? Repaint, pigment? Plaster is also a kind of Chinese herbal medication. It can additionally be utilized as food powder, dietary supplement, pharmaceutical powder, and so on.

What is plaster powder?

It is mainly the item of chemical rainfall. It is generally made up of a big down payment or lens as well as exists in sedimentary rocks, red shales, sandstones, marls, as well as shales. And it expands on anhydrite, rock salt, etc.

What are the advantages of food grade gypsum powder?

The food industry only permits the production of natural plaster and prohibits the enhancement of chemical gypsum. Food plaster powder has a background of hundreds of years in the food sector, and calcium sulfate (food plaster), a safe and safe food additive, is widely made use of in the food market.

Calcium sulfate made use of in foods: nutrients, yeasts, hardeners, chelating representatives, gelling agents, leavening representatives, bulking representatives, pH regulatory authorities, abrasives, and so on. It is primarily utilized for baked items. As a hardener, it is utilized on potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, beans, as well as peppers. Also, calcium sulfate is constantly utilized in ice cream, frozen dessert, beer, cosmetics, toothpaste, and so on.

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