waterproof tarpaulin has the characteristics of waterproof/sun/shade cold protection,

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Multipurpose waterproof shade with perforated ring (hole spacing of 1 meter), reinforced installation; it can be used to cover swimming pools, cars or tools and firewood in the garden

The waterproof shade uses a thicker weaving method with high density and a polyaniline material to make the waterproof fabric more durable and stable, respecting the poor environment and tasteless, moisture will not penetrate, easy to fold and to tidy

A double layer material is used on the edge of the tarp to improve stability when blocking objects. 4-moneda edge treatment can prevent long-term tension and deformation

The waterproof tarpaulin has the characteristics of waterproof/sun/shade cold protection, which can withstand indoors, sunlight

The characteristics of waterproof shade:

The fabric of our easy shade is of polyester per square meter with double polyurethane coating and perimeter reinforcement tape.

The double polyurethane cover is one of the advantages of waterproof shade compared to those of its competitors, as it guarantees greater impermeability. The candle is machine washable at 40°.

The innovative coating allows it to be waterproof (water column of 500 mm, which identifies that it can withstand the pressure of 50 centimeters of water before it begins to drip) and breathable (breathability g/mq/24h 700).

This allows you to have both waterproof and ‘fresh’ fabric. In addition, polypropylene is famous both for being completely anti-mound and for having excellent mechanical properties such as resistance to tension and abrasion, something necessary for awnings. Finally, the main thing: polypropylene is the fabric with the lowest environmental impact index (37) in the ecological compatibility ranking drawn up by the higg association, which considers the impact on various factors, including global warming, eutrophication, use of water in the production process, depletion of fossil resources, co2 emissions and use of chemical products.

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