A Quick Introduction To Stone Processing Line

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The stone handling line is a set of devices that are utilized to damage, grind, type, and also polish various kinds of stones for building. The following is a quick introduction:

A stone processing line has many different makers, such as a breaker (crusher), grinder, classifier, magnetic separator, rotary dryer, and more. These devices are modular in nature, which enables the manufacturing process to be readjusted according to consumer demands.

For example, the capacity can be raised or decreased by adding or removing devices, or the maker drivers can be replaced with automatic tools. Because of this, it is possible to change the production capacity as well as operation mode flexibly according to actual requirements.

The rock processing line is mainly made up of a vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, impact crusher, and vibrating display.

Feeding devices: jaw crusher feeding and shaking feeder feeding are usually utilized with each other in a quarry plant. A vibrating feeder can crush rocks right into smaller bits as well as send them to the jaw crusher evenly, on the other hand, it can also eliminate the dust from the smashed rocks.

Jaw Crusher: Jaw crushers are generally utilized for producing crude powder products. The dimension of completed items varies from 100mm to 250mm in the key crushing stage. According to the different needs of clients, we can make several types of jaw crushers such as single toggle jaw crushers, dual toggle jaw crushers, etc.

Effect Crusher: Effect crushers are generally made use of for the secondary squashing process. The completed size of items varies from 40mm to 80mm. There are two major kinds of effect crushers: one is called single-shaft effect crushers while another is called double shaft influence crushers.

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