Step By Step Guide Of Withdrawing Money From ATM

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ATM (automated teller machine) is specifically built to manage the funds of bank account holders. It enables users to check bank balances, make cash withdrawals or deposits, print a record of account activity or transactions, and even buy stamps.

Listed below are some points that will help you to withdraw money from ATM:

  • Insert your ATM card at an ATM. Ensure that the ATM card is entered and removed through the side with the bank logo and chip.
  • The next step will be for the account holder to choose his or her preferred language.
  • Now input the four-digit PIN using the keypad. The ATM card might be disabled if the PIN is entered incorrectly.
  • Select a transaction type from the drop-down menu, which includes options like Withdraw Money, Balance Enquiry, and others. Select the ‘Withdraw Money’ option to withdraw cash.
  • The account holder will next be asked to choose an account type, such as current, savings, or any other.
  • By tapping the keypad, enter the amount to be withdrawn and then hit ok/enter. Make sure the account has enough money in it.
  • Take the money and the withdrawal receipt, which serves as a confirmation of the transaction. It also includes the account balance following the withdrawal.
  • By hitting the cancel button, you can end the session.

The number of ATMs is not enough to facilitate a large number of card holders. That is the reason they become damaged due to excessive use or any related reason.

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