Why Do People Wrap Gifts?

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You must have thought about why people need to wrap the presents they will give to their loved ones. They could rather give the gifts without packaging them. What is the need to wrap the gifts? There is detailed importance behind using gift wrapping papers.

Wrapping papers are the sheets that are wrapped over your present to make it look more beautiful. The custom of giving presents predates the contemporary holidays that we observe each winter. Many ancient tribes observed numerous occasions in which presents were exchanged. 

People have wrapped gifts for centuries out of a desire to keep the identity of a gift hidden until just the perfect moment. Historians think that wrapping gifts in paper began not long after the invention of paper thousands of years ago.

Wrapping paper as we know it now, on the other hand, is a very recent innovation. Gifts were frequently wrapped in plain tissue paper or heavy brown paper more than a century ago. Previously, fabric, such as a handkerchief or a napkin, was frequently utilized.

Present wrapping is distinct in that it transforms an item into a gift rather than the object itself when it is wrapped in specific wrapping paper. A lovely pot without a box wrapped in gift paper, for example, may easily be a pot purchased in the mall on any given day. The presentation indicates that the pot is a gift when it is wrapped or tied with a bow.

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