Samsung 49505565 Inch Curved TV 2

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Samsung 49505565 Inch Curved TV 2

49505565 inch Curved TV 2

If you’re on a tight budget, Samsung’s 49505565 inch Curved TV may not be for you. Although slightly more expensive than other curved 4K HDR sets, the screen quality is decent and the inputs are responsive and easy to use. This set also features Samsung’s Smart Hub, which lets you voice search and even control the TV. Ultimately, it’s a great choice for most people.

Samsung RU7300

The Samsung RU7300 is a 55″ HDR (4K UHD Smart Curved TV with VA panel) that delivers decent picture quality with a curved screen. The VA panel is capable of producing deep blacks with decent reflection handling and good color accuracy. Its resolution is good enough for most use cases and offers low input lag for gaming. But the picture quality isn’t impressive enough to make highlights pop, and you’ll need to use it in a moderately-lit room.

Samsung TVs have low flicker frequency. The backlight flickers at 240Hz when in Movie mode and lower to 120Hz in other modes. Though this isn’t a deal breaker, some people might find this low flicker frequency bothersome. Another drawback is the lack of low-latency motion interpolation in game mode. However, this downside is offset by the fact that the RU7300 comes with an optional Black Frame Insertion feature.

As far as color gamut is concerned, the Samsung RU7300 offers a decent range, but it falls short of displaying a large range of color. HDR content requires wide color gamut in order to be clearly visible. This TV also fails to follow the PQ curve very well, making most scenes appear dimmer than they actually are. So overall, the Samsung RU7300 is a good choice for those who want to watch movies and TV shows on the go.

Samsung UN65KS8500

The curved screen on the Samsung UN65KS8500 is visually appealing, even with its flat, plastic bezel. The display is less appealing than the one on the company’s higher-end HDTVs, but the unit is still very attractive, thanks to the silver lower bezel and a small chrome Samsung logo. The television sits securely on a large T-shaped black stand. The curved panel on the UN65KS8500 is made of high-quality plastic and has a brushed gunmetal finish.

Input lag is the time it takes the screen to update after the signal is received. The UN65KS8500 has 112.6 milliseconds of input lag, which is about double the average. If you’re planning to play fast-paced video games on the TV, this isn’t the best option. In addition to being significantly lower, a dedicated gaming monitor will likely have less than half of the input lag of a similarly-sized 4K TV.

Compared to a flat screen television, the curved model is designed for better viewing angles and reduces glare. Its 65-inch screen can be used in a home theater, as well as in the living room. Despite its curvature, it does not offer 8K resolution. Although the curved screen is a nice feature, it isn’t a necessity.

The UN65KS8500 also shows 1080p video well, although it is a bit harder to mount. The curved display looks striking, but it has no real benefit other than its aesthetics. Furthermore, the curved TV is more difficult to install, and you may find it hard to mount it on your wall if you don’t want to spend the money on mounting it.

Samsung TU8000

The sleek design of the Samsung TU8000 49505565 inch is a perfect fit for your living room. Its design is boundless and modern, bringing you a cinematic experience in a minimalist manner. It can be set to display multiple photos in a collage or slide show to give you a full immersion in the movie experience. The slim design also helps it blend in with any decor.

Samsung TU8300 vs TU8000

The two models are similar to some extent, but they do have some differences. The TU8500 lacks features from the premium UHD series while the TU8500 has dual LED technology and a wider color space. Both have enough room to accommodate a sound bar and a stand. The TU8500 also costs more. While the TU8500 is a better choice for gaming, it’s not as impressive as the QLED models.

The TU8300 has a decent screen for most purposes and is the only curved TV to come out in 2020. It has an excellent contrast ratio and black uniformity, though it lacks local dimming. The input lag is low, but it doesn’t support variable refresh rates and only uses a 60Hz panel. Overall, this is an acceptable television, but it’s not that much better than the 2019 Samsung RU7300.

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