LED Wash Lights

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LED Wash Lights

Led wash lights

A variety of LED wash lights are available. In this article, we look at the Ovation CYC 1 FC, the LaluceNatz MAC Aura, and the Ovation H-55WW. Each one has its own unique characteristics and pros and cons, but each one can help you achieve the look you desire. Read on to learn more. Let us begin. Let’s start with the most important feature of a LED wash light: its power. This versatile piece of lighting can provide you with up to 8 hours of illumination.

Ovation CYC 1 FC

Ovation’s CYC1 FC LED wash light offers a low-profile footlight design with a smooth, wide field of light. The 16-bit color-mixing system produces smooth transitions. Its Virtual Color wheel and adjustable kick stand provide a level of flexibility and a low-profile footlight with an omega bracket. The Ovation CYC1 FC LED wash light delivers big value for your money.

The Chauvet Professional Ovation CYC1 FC features 60 LEDs that produce between 1.75 and 4.57 W of light at 1.4 amps. Its 50,000-hour life span is one of the best in the industry. With a price tag of under $300, this light is well-worth its price. If you’re looking for a compact, lightweight led wash light that can produce wide, smooth, uniform illumination, the Ovation CYC1 FC is the ideal choice.

Ovation H-55WW

The Ovation H-55WW is a convection-cooled LED house light that features a punchy warm-white output and high CRI. This outdoor-rated LED wash is available with an IP66 rating and features 14 intense tri-colored LEDs. It also features selectable dimming curves for precise control and eliminates multi-colored shadows. The recessed or sconce mounting kits are included.

The lighting design team at Adams Theatre, New Zealand, chose the Ovation H-55WW and Ovation F-55FC to integrate them into the existing house lighting system. The auditorium received 140 H-55WW fixtures while the Renouf foyer got 88 units. The control gear was replaced in the auditorium. Ovation has an extensive history of producing theatrical lighting, delivering quality products since 1932.


The LaluceNatz led wash lights come in a range of colors and are available from a variety of online retailers. These lights can be used in a variety of situations including home decoration and entertainment. You can mix and match colors for the perfect effect, or purchase a single unit and use it for home party lighting. These lights are inexpensive and incredibly practical. They can be controlled via DMX to provide a variety of effects.

The 18 RGB LED par light from LaluceNatz is a great choice for the stage. It features 6 x red, green, and blue LEDs. You can use DMX 512 to change the color and brightness of this light. With 7 modes and DMX 512 control, you can customize your show’s lighting to match your mood. If you have a DJ gig coming up, LaluceNatz led wash lights are a great way to set the mood and make the party more festive.

The LaluceNatz dj light is a great choice for any party or event. This party light comes with an aluminum alloy casting body, making it easy to set up and use as a floor light or up lighting. Another benefit of LaluceNatz uplights is that they feature dual adjustable aluminum alloy brackets to fit any t-bar or floor. They also provide great wall wash lighting, perfect for any size event.

MAC Aura

The Martin MAC Aura PXL adds to the industry standard wash light line with its multi-lens design and Aura backlight technology. With a more compact face and less busy lens look, the MAC Aura PXL is designed for tighter beams and higher intensity. It is available in three color temperatures to match the color of your production. The MAC Aura PXL is available with a wide variety of mounting options, including a pigtail swivel arm, a tripod mount, and a swivel head.

MAC Aura LED wash lights from Martin Professional have a zoom function and a high performance wash light. The unique optical system combines multi-colored LEDs to produce an eye-candy effect that functions as a single lens wash. Its color signaling system is a ground-breaking innovation that removes the artificial look of LEDs and creates a unique visual palette. MAC Aura wash lights are available at Sweetwater.

The MAC Aura was installed at the front of a showroom, in a space that does not get much natural lighting. The MAC Auras were suspended in existing niches. They were attached to slings and threaded rods to ensure a perfect balance of weight and space. The MAC Aura was particularly effective at highlighting various booths, including the ones for Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo.

The compact, lightweight design of the MAC Aura PXL makes it easy to move and stow. The MAC Aura PXL is also extremely easy to set up, with clever control options. Its P3 protocol is compatible with video and media inputs, and its low noise cooling system makes it a stealth operator. It is also ideal for the corporate and high-end nightclub market.

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