LED Moving Head Lights

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LED Moving Head Lights

LED moving head light

LED Moving Head is an innovative lighting option that features different illumination options. Its prism-like effect can add a dramatic effect to the first dance of the bride and groom. Other effects include dimmer, iris, shutter, and even confetti. Its various facets make it a versatile light that can be used for many different occasions. It can even be paired with a confetti machine. With so many features, choosing the right one for your special day isn’t that difficult.

BEAM moving head light

A BEAM moving head light LED can be placed in a variety of different positions, including the downstage center, set, dimmer, and zoom. In addition to these positions, an LED moving head light can be adjusted to pan and tilt for fine-tuning the effect. These fixtures are available with different modes, including DMX-512 control, master/slave, and demo. These moving head lights are perfect for stage performance and the entertainment industry.

The basic parts of a BEAM moving head light include the base with a control panel, the head, and the arm with the optical system. The head produces vertical movement, while the arm typically rotates around its axis. A mechanical dimming shutter controls the intensity of the light. The beam moving head light may also feature a high-speed stepper motor for strobe effects. Additional features include a prism and color wheels to change the tone and shape of the beam.

MAC Aura

The new Martin MAC Aura PXL is a multi-lens moving head light that joins the company’s already established line of wash lights. The MAC Aura PXL adds an Aura backlight and multi-lens design to the line’s already impressive wash light lineup. These lights are designed with a smaller face, a narrower beam, and less busy lenses.

The MAC Aura LED moving head light has an impressive list of features. Its backlight array has blazing rotational effects and 11-58-degree zoom. Its dynamic lens lighting is an impressive feature and is often used in festivals and major events. Unlike other LED wash lights, it creates dynamic fixture effects independent of beam effects. Sweetwater is an authorized dealer of Martin Lighting and their MAC Aura.

Sharpy 7r

The sharpy 7r LED moving head light is available in 14 different colors, which cooperate well with patterns and lighting equipment. Its 0-3.8 degree beam angle produces a parallel laser-like beam. The price range is 150-330 USD, so it can be chosen according to your budget and desired features. Here are the pros and cons of this product:

The Beam 230 7R Moving Head Beam Sharpy Light from OSRAM / YODN has an unprecedented 59,760 lx output at 20m. This LED moving head light comes with 17 fixed gobos and 14 different colors. This LED moving head light is capable of producing the mid-air effects that are ideal for many sets. In addition, it comes with a compact, lightweight design and a modest footprint.

Sharpy 8r

The Sharpy 8R LED Moving Head Light is an extremely versatile lighting tool that features a 260W OSRAM lamp. The beam has a double prism and 16 facet LEDs. It is also equipped with a static gobo wheel and motorized focus from far to near. This light is ideal for stage and TV productions and can also be used for rental purposes. It is lightweight and portable and uses a single AA battery for power.

The Sharpy 8r LED moving head light is available in black and white versions. Both of these models are equipped with a bracket for mounting directly on a lighting bar. They can also be free-standing, on the stage floor, or placed on a podium for DJ use. These are highly versatile and can be used in any number of situations. This is the perfect light for discos, concerts, theatres, and stage performances.

Sharpy 9r

The sharpy beam moving headlight is a versatile lighting option that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor events. Its IP65 waterproof rating is an important feature for moving headlights that will be used in environments with high water vapor content. LED moving headlights use less power than traditional lamp fixtures but they may have a lower brightness than standard lamp fixtures. In a music concert, the sharpy beam moving headlight can make a big difference.

The Sharpy Beam 260W is a brilliant Beam moving head light that uses a 260W lamp. The unit features an anti-reflective lens, dual prism wheels, and a combination 24-facet Honeycomb Prism effect. The 260W light is capable of producing rainbow and Frost effects independently. This makes it an excellent choice for any event. If you want to add effects to your Sharpy 9r LED moving head light, you can purchase extra gobos at a later date.

Sharpy 10r

Until recently, the market was dominated by the five-R, seven-R and ten-R LED moving head lights. These models were later followed by the fifteen-R, seventeen-R, and twenty-R. As technology improved, however, the nine-R LED moving head light became the most popular. The technology behind it is close to the 7R version, but its weight is much higher. For those who want a light that’s portable and has a high zoom range, this is a great option.

Sharpy 11r

The sharpy 11r LED moving head light is an excellent option for a wide variety of applications. With a wide zoom range, a blue LCD display and RGB background LEDs, this light is fast and easy to use. Its functions are perfect for studio, television, and rental situations. In addition, it is available in both black and white and is IP65 rated for use in wet environments. If you’re in need of a new headlight, it’s a good idea to check the reviews online and compare different products.

A moving head light can be either beam or led, and can change with the music. These lights are generally larger than par lights, and are heavier. Some customers prefer smaller, more portable versions. Some lighting designers prefer the LED moving head light, which is becoming increasingly popular. However, it can cost up to ten times more than an LED par light. Another popular choice is the Sharpy 11r LED moving head light, which has a beam-shaped effect.

Sharpy 12r

If you’re looking for a great performing arts lighting solution, the Sharpy 12R LED moving head light may be the answer. This powerful lighting system features full colour mixing and DMX compatibility. While there are many moving head lights available, the Sharpy 12R is an exceptional value for the money. Its basic model features Red, Green, and Blue LEDs and sounds activation. However, if you’re looking for a more advanced and customizable light, you’ll find more features and options with this model.

This versatile light can be installed on a T-bar, lighting bridge, or truss system. Many models include brackets for direct connection to a lighting bar. You can also choose to place it free-standing on the stage floor or on a podium for DJ use. You’ll love how these lights look. You’ll be glad you purchased one. Here are a few other benefits of Sharpy 12R LED moving head light:

Sharpy 13r

The Sharpy 13r LED moving head light is one of the most versatile lights on the market. With its eight unique positioning modes, this light can be used in a variety of different settings, from downstage center to set. The 189-watt lamp powering the Sharpy produces a beam that is distinctly different from others. Aside from this, the lights in this light can also be independently controlled and linkable. The beam color can be changed to create spectacular mid-air effects.

Besides, the moving head light can be paired with various types of lighting effects. Its gobos project images while the pattern wheels spin in a pattern. It can be equipped with shutters to further shape its beam. You can even pair it with a confetti machine to make the whole event a hit. Moreover, the LED Moving Head has numerous illumination effects, such as the prism and shutter. These effects can be used to highlight a specific artist, or create a mood.

Sharpy 15r

The Sharpy 15r LED moving head light is an efficient and versatile tool for stage lighting. This powerful moving head light features a perfectly parallel laser beam that produces 59,760 lx at 20m and 5,100 footcandles at 65ft. Its built-in lighting shows programs and blue LCD display make it ideal for stage, studio, or rental applications. The Sharpy is a great choice for stage lighting or as a backlighting solution for any stage.

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