Wholesale Ankara Fabric Suppliers

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Wholesale Ankara Fabric Suppliers

wholesale ankara fabric suppliers

Ankara fabric is the most popular type of African fabric, and is produced all over the continent. It is known for its bold designs and colors. It is also known as African Prints, Wax Prints, Dutch Wax, and Kitenge. It is typically printed on 100% cotton.

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If you are looking for wholesale African Fabric, you should check out Qingdao Phoenix Hitarget. This company is specialized in African Fabric Printing, and they produce a wide variety of printed fabrics for different fashion styles. You can compare the prices and order through their website, and they will also provide you with their contact information.


Ankara fabric is one of the most popular types of fabric from Africa. It features bright, tribal patterns and is made of 100% cotton. The fabric is often combined with other types of fabric to create unique designs. It is commonly polyester fabric supplier used for upholstery, clothing, and even home decorating. Ankara fabric suppliers are widely available online and can provide you with a wide variety of products for your business. Some also sell sewing supplies and display shelves, as well.

If you’re looking to purchase ankara fabric online, there are many online stores that offer wholesale prices. A few of these sites offer a variety of African fabrics. TESS World Design is based in the USA, and specializes in African fashion. Middlesex Textiles also specializes in African fabrics and has a large selection. Both sites accept bulk orders and offer low prices.


Wholesale ankara fabric suppliers are one of the best places to buy this beautiful fabric. The fabric is made from African textiles such as wax prints, laces, and polyester fabric supplier embroidered fabrics. They can be used for a wide variety of purposes. The fabrics are durable and easy to maintain.

Ankara fabric is used to make fashion accessories, home textiles, and lamp covers. It has a variety of sizes and designs and is sold at affordable prices. The width can be anywhere from 48 inches to 12 yards. Depending on the supplier, this fabric can cost as little as US$0.30 per square yard.

The word ‘nsu bura’ comes from the Akan word for water well. The design depicts ripples in a water well, referring to the effects of one’s actions on the world. This unique and culturally significant fabric is also known as African wax print. Its history is attributed to Dutch merchants who brought the fabrics from Indonesia. The Dutch manufacturers then developed techniques that made it possible to print the fabric in large numbers. This helped to produce cheap batik imitations.

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