Buying a Basketball Uniform

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Buying a Basketball Uniform

Basketball Uniform

Whether you’re playing basketball for fun or competitively, your team needs a new uniform. You should get one that fits you well, is comfortable, and will last. The good news is that buying a new basketball uniform doesn’t have to be difficult.


Compared to traditional basketball uniforms, sublimated uniforms are much lighter and can stretch to their full potential. They also provide a better playing experience.

These uniforms come in a variety of styles and designs, and you can have a custom-made one for your team. They are available in both male and female versions.

Aside from the custom-designed elements that can be placed on the uniform, you can choose to add player names and numbers. These can be done through the FreeStyle Sublimation basketball uniform design tool. The FreeStyle Sublimation designer allows you to create and save designs, and you can also upload your roster.

This method of printing custom-designed elements onto the garment uses high pressure and heat. This process creates vibrant colors, as well as a permanent print.

This process of printing is relatively inexpensive, and can produce unlimited color schemes. However, it does require experienced manpower and a high-quality printer. In addition, the ink is fused into the fabric, rather than applied to it. This is the reason why the cost of an average sublimated jersey is a bit more expensive than the standard jerseys you may be used to.

Another good reason to choose sublimation over traditional basketball uniforms is that they are designed to be comfortable. They are made from a variety of materials, including polyester, spandex, and cotton. The light weight of the sublimated uniforms increases flexibility, and they are also softer.

The sublimation basketball uniforms are also designed to be more durable, as they are not likely to peel or fade. This means you won’t have to worry about rushing replacements.

The end result is a uniform that looks great and lasts. These uniforms are also less expensive in the long run.


Whether you play basketball or are just interested in learning more about this sport, you may want to know what the different types of uniforms are available. One of the most common kinds of uniforms used for sports is polyester. This material is not only comfortable, but it can also help players stay dry and keep them looking sharp.

Polyester is a naturally lightweight material. It’s also durable and easy to care for. This makes it a good choice for basketball uniforms. Unlike wool, it doesn’t require any dry cleaning.

Another feature that makes polyester uniforms desirable is that it is wrinkle resistant. This is particularly important when you are playing in warm or humid weather. It’s also known to be one of the fastest drying materials on the market.

The uniforms can also be reversible, meaning you can wear them on both sides. They can also be cap-sleeved, tank tops, or v-necks. They can be embroidered, which is an option that is becoming more popular with basketball teams.

Some sports uniforms use moisture wicking technology, which prevents excess moisture from accumulating during a game. This helps players stay dry and cool.

Other uniforms are made with a smooth woven fabric that is breathable. It’s not as breathable as polyester, but it is somewhat fitness yoga wear manufacturer breathable. This type of fabric is also used for girl’s lacrosse and field hockey.

If you are wondering what kind of uniform you should buy, it’s best to consult your team’s needs. Some basketball teams are looking for a lightweight material that will allow them to move easily. Others are looking for a more durable material that will hold up to the rigors of games.


Whether you are a sports enthusiast or a casual fan, you must be aware of the evolution of the cotton basketball uniform. In the past, basketball players wore a uniform consisting of a long-sleeved shirt, trousers, and a pair of basketball shoes. During the 1960s, the pants grew shorter and the belts were replaced with elastic waistbands.

The most elaborate uniforms were adorned with intricate patterns and dynamic team logos. These made for a fun and engaging experience for fans.

In the 1970s, color combinations became more flamboyant and the jerseys were more form fitting. This was aided by sports science innovations that led to lighter and more breathable materials.

In the 1980s, the NBA jersey became the primary source of revenue for teams. This trend was echoed by other professional sports leagues such as baseball and football. In the 1990s, sales of merchandise soared.

In the early years of the sport, the only fabrics available were wool and cotton. However, technology made it possible to mix and match different fibers into the ideal uniform. Eventually, polyester and nylon became standard for most athletic uniforms.

The earliest uniforms were restrictive by design. This led to a fitness yoga wear manufacturer number of other changes, such as the use of more flexible materials, such as lycra and dazzle micromesh fabrics.

Another change in the uniform was the introduction of the “jersey” knit. This made the tops more comfortable and gave the uniforms their name.

The most important change was the addition of elastic waistbands. This allowed players to adjust their legs for optimal movement. This was the first step in making the cotton basketball uniform more flexible.

Modern day sports uniforms are designed to be light, breathable, and eco-friendly. Newer fabrics, like LYCRA and DAzzle, have insulating properties that moderate body temperature, while their water-wicking capabilities keep the wearer dry.

Taking good care of your uniforms

Taking good care of your basketball uniform will keep it in tip-top condition, allowing you to perform your best. Your uniform should be clean, fresh and dry, so it will not interfere with your slam dunks.

There are different methods of cleaning sports jerseys, depending on the material it is made of. For example, jerseys made from polyester have more color retention than cotton, so you should follow the recommended care guidelines for your fabric.

If you have a white uniform, you will want to be careful with the wash cycle. This will reduce the risk of color bleeding. It is also important to make sure that the washer isn’t too hot. Excessive heat can set up stains, peel applied numbers and cause the fabric to shrink.

You should also make sure to use a heavy-duty laundry detergent, which will break down soil and neutralize odors. This will allow your uniform to last longer.

The proper storage method is also important for the longevity of your jersey. Store it away from direct sunlight, humidity and other elements. These factors can degrade the quality of the jersey and can even cause it to rot.

If you’re worried about grass or sweat stains on your uniform’s collar or laces, it’s a good idea to pre-soak it in cold water with a protein release agent. This will remove a lot of soil and dirt.

You can also apply a stain remover that contains an enzyme to eliminate stains without damaging the fabric. This is particularly useful for blood stains.

It’s also worth using an all-fabric bleach. This will help to brighten and preserve the colors of your sports jersey.


Buying basketball uniforms can be expensive, and your decisions can impact the cost. You’ll need to choose a reputable supplier with years of experience and a good reputation for product quality. It’s also a good idea to plan ahead. You can save a lot of money if you purchase your uniforms in bulk.

The basic basketball uniform can cost anywhere from $15 to $25 per player. This includes t-shirts, shorts, and warm up pants. You’ll pay more if you need a matching shooting shirt or hoodie.

If you’re looking for something more personalized, you can opt for screen printed jerseys. This option is less expensive than embroidery, but costs much more than plain shirts. You’ll also need to have your team’s names and numbers on the jerseys.

Reversible jerseys are another option. This type of uniform is more costly than buying individual uniforms, but it’s cheaper than purchasing a separate home and away uniform. A full reversible team kit can cost $120 to $250. This includes a home jersey, away jersey, warm up shirt, and shoelaces.

For schools, reversible uniforms are a great way to save on basketball team uniforms. It’s also a good idea for visiting teams. The lightest color jersey usually identifies the home team, and the darker color uniform identifies the visiting team.

You can also opt for a custom made basketball jersey. This is more expensive than a plain t-shirt, but can provide a sense of unity. You’ll need to consider how many players are on your team, and what type of team you’re playing for.

For school teams, the cheapest uniform option is reversible jerseys. They absorb sweat, so they’re not as heavy as regular basketball uniforms.

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