Curved LED Light Bars

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Curved LED Light Bars

Curved Led Light Bar

If you’re looking to add a little extra style to your truck or SUV, you may be interested in purchasing a curved LED light bar. There are a number of models available, with sizes ranging from 22 inches to 52 inches. You can also get a curved LED light bar with a dual row design.

Aurora 50 Inch Curved LED Light Bar

Aurora 50 Inch Curved LED Light Bar is a curved light bar that is constructed of 6063 aluminum. It features 100 5-watt Cree LEDs which produce 42,800 lumens. The bar is equipped with a two-wire pigtail and feet for mounting. These LEDs are waterproof and can be used in a variety of applications.

Aurora LEDs are rated to IP69K, which means that they are resistant to water, pressure, steam, and temperature. A special breather apparatus is also provided, preventing condensation and water intrusion. This ensures that your bar is protected against all types of weather. With its curved design, the LED bar follows the contour of your vehicle. Moreover, the beam pattern is a combination of spot and flood optics, providing you with a powerful and versatile lighting solution.

Aurora LEDs are ideal for a variety of applications, such as off road vehicles, heavy machinery, boats, mining, Led Driving Light and 4×4. They provide the highest brightness and quality, and their lights are tested to a number of standards, such as E-mark, SAE, RoHS, and IP68. All these tests make the bars suitable for all kinds of conditions, including cold, hot, wet, and dry. Besides, the LEDs are designed for low forward voltage, so they last longer and are energy-efficient.

Aurora lights are highly durable, and they are equipped with a shatterproof lens, which is protected by a polycarbonate lens. Additionally, they are designed with a dual-oversized heat sink for efficient heat dissipation.

Rough Country’s Curved Cree LED Light Bar

Rough Country’s Curved Cree LED Light Bar is one of the most powerful lighting solutions on the market. It features a sleek, slim-line design, with a black panel, and comes with a flat-wound braided wiring harness. Featuring a single row of Cree LEDs, it accentuates a curved windshield, and offers unparalleled off-road illumination. In addition, this model is offered with a cool white DRL. This bar is built to last, and includes an in-line fuse and three-position toggle switch.

The 54-inch Curved Cree LED Light Bar is equipped with 312 Watts of raw power. Featuring a powerful LED array, it offers a staggering 24,960 lumens, which is enough to light up your entire vehicle. In addition to a high power output, it comes with a durable die-cast aluminum housing, an IP68 waterproof wiring harness, and a toggle switch. All of these features come standard with the Rough Country product, and each one is backed by a 3-year warranty.

In addition to its dazzling, bright lights, the Rough Country 54-inch Curved Cree LED Bar features a Floodlight/Spotlight combo. This model also includes an in-line fuse and premium IP68 waterproof wiring harness. With its innovative design, this LED light bar offers the ultimate in off-road illumination, while providing a bold and aggressive look for your vehicle.

The X5 LEDs from Rough Country come with a noise-reducing design, an on/off toggle switch, and a segmented snap-on cover. They are durable and able to stand up to brute force, and are guaranteed to provide you with years of superior performance.

Rough Country’s Light Bar Noise Silencers

The Rough Country LED Light Bar line of products is a big improvement over the past, including their Light Bar Noise Silencers, which are the best way to prevent vibrations caused by wind. As a bonus, these are also the best way to reduce the moisture that can rust your light bar.

Aside from the aforementioned noise silencers, there are a variety of other LED bar features to choose from. Those include a 3-year warranty, a watertight flat-wound braided wiring harness, an IP67 waterproof housing, a three-position toggle switch, and a waterproof in-line fuse. Some of these features are a bit clunky, though. This is because the majority of the components are fashioned out of durable die-cast aluminum. However, they are worth the price tag.

The Rough Country LED Light Bar line of lights is worth checking out, especially if you’re in the market for a new light bar for your truck or SUV. These lights feature a range of features, including a curved LED light bar, a cool-white DRL (daytime running light), and an in-line fuse. They may not be the most powerful and impressive, but they are the most functional, which is the point of these products in the first place.


RIGID Industries is known for their innovative and high-quality LED lighting products. Rigid’s RDS SR-Series PRO Curved Led Light Bar is a great example of their dedication to providing quality light in an aesthetically pleasing way. The sleek design of Led Driving Light the RDS SR-Series PRO gives it a modern look that can be used for many applications. This curved LED light bar is ideal for grille inserts and custom off-road builds.

The curved design provides a wider spread of LED light than traditional light bars. RIGID’s proprietary Midnight Optics feature an exclusive spot optic and transparent black enamel coating for a unique style that lets the lights “disappear” during the day. With its sleek design and improved output, the RDS SR-Series PRO is the ultimate LED light bar for your off-road vehicle. It comes with an unbreakable polycarbonate lens and the same quality housing as other RIGID lighting products.

The RDS SR-Series PRO is available in three models: the RDS SR-Series PRO 50″ curved, the RDS SR-SeriesPRO 54″ curved, and the RDS SR-SeriesPRO 55″ curved. These LED light bars are also available in Radiance and Midnight Editions. All of these LED light bars are designed to fit your needs. Each model is available in various lengths and colors, so you can customize your light to fit your specific vehicle.

Quake Ultra Arc Series LED Light Bar

If you are looking for a powerful LED light bar, then you should consider the Ultra Arc Series from Quake. It is capable of creating a powerful beam of light that is perfect for working, playing, and even off road toy vehicles. With its advanced technology, this light bar is built to withstand harsh conditions and keep on producing a strong beam of light, no matter how intense the environment is. This LED light bar is durable, weatherproof, and is able to withstand high temperatures and vibrations.

The Ultra Arc Series LED Light Bar is manufactured by Quake, one of the most popular manufacturers of lighting systems. It is made to be durable and has advanced features such as a hybrid optic system and thick polycarbonate lens. You will also find that the Quake Ultra Arc Series is a stylish and functional light bar that is encased in a durable and waterproof housing. A black powder coat finish is also available. In addition to being able to produce a bright beam of light, the Ultra Arc also possesses a host of other features that are perfect for your vehicle.

Another thing to note about the Ultra Arc is that it has a full range of color reflector options. There are 15 static colors and one unique color changing option as well. Plus, it has an impressive 6000K White LED light.

Southern Truck’s 52-Inch Curved, Dual Row LED Light Bar

Southern Truck’s 52-Inch Curved, Dual Row LED Light Bar is designed to complement the look of your vehicle. Featuring a sleek OEM appearance, the curved light bar will help keep you visible in all weather conditions. The bar features a powder coated Black finish and is constructed from aircraft grade aluminum. The lights on this bar are also very bright and have a 27000 Lumen rating. A durable wiring harness is included for easy installation.

Southern Truck’s 52-Inch Curved, dual row LED light bar is made for on and off road vehicles. This durable LED light bar has a unique 4D lens projection design that allows it to project light in an innovative way. It is also designed to accommodate a variety of vehicles, from the compact Ford Escape to the large Toyota Tundra.

Aside from the light bars, Southern Truck manufactures a range of accessories for trucks. From lift kits to brackets, the company has everything you need to make your truck stand out. Their line includes a wide selection of lift kits, LED Light bars, and other top-of-the-line accessories. You can choose the product that will best fit your needs.

With high-quality materials and an affordable price tag, you can expect great quality from this product. The curved Cree dual row LED light bar is designed to meet customer’s expectations. In addition to the durable construction, the bar’s color temperature is 6000K-6500K.

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