Smart 4K Security Kit With PoE Cameras

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poe cctv camera kit

Smart 4K Security Kit With PoE Cameras

Capture a full range of detail with 4K resolution (3,840 x 2,160 pixels). Reolink’s RLK8-810B4-A Smart 4K Security Kit has a high resolution sensor and smart person/vehicle alerts.

PoE IP cameras use a single network cable for both power and data transmission. This simplifies installation and increases reliability.

Power over Ethernet (PoE)

PoE cameras combine both power and network communications through a single ethernet cable, eliminating the need for separate power wiring. This simplifies installation and reduces cable clutter, making it a popular choice for both residential and commercial applications.

Another benefit of a PoE system is its flexibility. Because they don’t need to be near electrical outlets, cameras can be deployed in locations where access to traditional power is difficult or prohibited. This allows you to cover more area for surveillance and improve security coverage without limiting your options or requiring costly electrician work.

A reliable PoE camera system will support high-resolution video, with a wide field of view (FOV) to monitor large areas and narrow FOVs for close-ups. You also want to consider the night vision capabilities of the camera, ensuring it can record clear footage in low-light conditions.

To make the most of your PoE system, choose a vendor that offers an intelligent video management system (IVMS) with features like motion detection, analytics, AI-driven search tools and more. These advanced functions can help you increase efficiency and get more value out of your cameras by automating your routine tasks, saving time in monitoring and facilitating faster and easier incident response. In addition, a high-quality IVMS will offer support for additional device integrations and storage infrastructure. For example, a Reolink PoE system supports cloud storage, enabling you to easily access your footage from anywhere.

Wider Field of View (FOV)

The field of view (FOV) is the extent to which a camera can see an object or scene. It is defined by the lens focal length and sensor size, with larger lenses and sensors enabling wider home cctv poe FOVs. A camera’s FOV is related to other important camera specifications such as resolution, pixel density and imaging speed.

A camera’s FOV can help determine the ideal placement for cameras in a security system or industrial application. FOV can also impact whether a single camera can monitor an entire area, preventing blind spots. The right FOV will depend on the desired coverage area, which is usually defined by identifying the objects or areas you want to see.

Surveillance and security systems typically require a wide FOV to monitor large areas with minimal spotting distance, minimizing the number of cameras required. Machine vision systems for quality control and inspection often have a narrower FOV to enable detailed images of a small area.

Increasing the FOV of a camera typically reduces its resolution and imaging speed. Achieving a balance between FOV and resolution requirements will allow you to find the right combination of both for your application.

Night Vision

An NVR security system with PoE cameras is an effective way to protect your home and business. These systems come with an NVR (Network Video Recorder) and PoE IP cameras to allow for remote viewing and monitoring of your property. They also feature an alarm output to trigger a local alarm when a camera detects motion or sound.

The NVR and PoE cameras in poe cctv camera kit these kits are capable of recording in stunning HD resolution to make sure you get the clearest possible footage of your space. They have wide-angle lenses to cover larger areas, and they offer night vision capabilities using infrared LEDs. These lights can be adjusted to the desired brightness and range of visibility to suit your needs.

In addition to these features, many of the cameras included in this kit have built-in microphones for audio recordings, making it easier to listen to what’s going on in your building. They’re able to capture sound both on-site and remotely, and you can listen to the recording from your smartphone or tablet.

Some of the cameras in this kit have intelligent video motion detection, which can help save on storage by only recording when there’s movement or noise. They’re also able to distinguish between animals and people, which makes them more reliable than traditional motion detection. They use a combination of algorithms to identify the shape, size and movement of an intruder, which provides much better detection than other cameras that only trigger on pixel modification.


Using a PoE switch, a camera system needs only one network cable to run power and data. This results in less cord clutter and easier installation for home and business use. Additionally, PoE security systems aren’t restricted by the same outlet restrictions as Wi-Fi systems and can offer more advanced internet features such as real-time alerts and remote viewing.

Some models feature a built-in MicroSD card slot for recording. This allows the cameras to record continuously even without an external power source, ensuring that you won’t miss any vital footage. Having the recordings stored locally also means that you’ll have lower risk of hacking than you would with cloud-based storage.

Other features include facial recognition, which can detect and confirm an identity, as well as vehicle recognition, which can trigger an alert or start recording when a car passes in front of the camera. Some also have night vision capabilities, so you can monitor your property even when the sun goes down.

When choosing a PoE security camera system, be sure to consider your budget and needs. You’ll want to find a system with enough memory to store your video footage, and you may also need additional equipment such as a PoE switch or a monitor. Labeling the cables before installing is also helpful, as this will make future troubleshooting much simpler.

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