Aquamaxx Underwater Treadmill

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aquamaxx underwater treadmill

Aquamaxx Underwater Treadmill

Walking and running on an underwater treadmill provides a challenging workout without the body weight and joint impact that occurs on land. The natural buoyancy of water reduces concussive forces on joints and bones during exercise while warm water soothes aching muscles and increases circulation.

From arthritic dogs to Olympic triathletes, everyone can enjoy the benefits of an underwater treadmill pool. Interested in adding an aquamaxx underwater treadmill to your facility?


A treadmill submerged in a tank is an ideal way to improve cardiovascular endurance and increase leg strength without the high impact of land-based exercise. It allows for precise control of walking speed, water depth and water temperature — a trio that can markedly influence aerobic and strength training responses.

The natural buoyancy of the water decreases the weight bearing stress on bones and joints during exercise, making it possible to aquamaxx underwater treadmill achieve a workout 3 to 5 times harder than on land. Buoyancy also reduces pain and increases flexibility, while improving balance and stability.

Endless Pools’ underwater treadmill, also known as hydrotherapy, is an effective tool for strengthening and conditioning. It can help with a range of conditions, including arthritis, fibromyalgia, and weakness or dysfunction caused by injury or surgery.

Unlike traditional treadmills, this self-contained unit offers full hand rails on the side and in front of the tank to allow for a secure grip. The user may walk barefoot or use commercially available “water-shoes.”

A dog will usually need an assistant in the tank for their first two sessions, and then they will be ready to walk on the treadmill by themselves. It is very important to remember that dogs are not used to a moving belt on the floor, so it can be scary to them at first. Once they learn to keep up with the treadmill, their confidence will increase and it will become more comfortable.

Adjustable Speed

The adjustable speed feature of the underwater treadmill allows trainers and clients to maintain the frequency of workouts they are used to without increasing the levels of joint stress. For example, Lance Walker, Global Director of Performance at Michael Johnson Performance in McKinney, Texas, utilizes the HydroWorx pool installed at his facility to perform pylometric exercises for his athletes and to keep up with his own training demands, which include running 70 miles per week!

The low impact of water-based exercise offers numerous benefits for people with injuries and chronic conditions. Water exercise is ideal for seniors, because it helps them bear up to 20 percent less weight than chest-deep on land. Additionally, aquatic therapy exercises can improve mobility and reduce pain by strengthening muscles and tendons.

In addition, exercising on an underwater treadmill can help build muscle strength while decreasing body fat. Several studies have found that water treadmill workouts can produce greater increases in lean body mass than on-land training, especially in overweight and obese adults.

Water treadmill workouts can also help to reduce blood pressure, which makes them ideal for the 67 million Americans who have high blood pressure. A study conducted by TAMU tracked 60 adults as they undertook on-ground and underwater treadmill workouts, and found that the aquatic workouts caused significantly lower readings of both resting diastolic and exercise systolic BP.

Adjustable Resistance

The adjustable resistance of our underwater treadmills allows you to customize your workout for any ability level. If you have limited mobility, you can walk at a slow pace and increase your intensity as you improve. If you’re a serious athlete, you can run against the water flow to get an even more challenging exercise that strengthens your core while burning major calories.

The buoyancy and low impact resistance of water make it easy to train the same muscles used in traditional treadmill walking or running on land, but without the painful pounding. Our underwater treadmills are perfect for anyone from seniors with osteoarthritis to Olympic athletes.

Our aquatic treadmills are designed for use in rehabilitation, conditioning, or wellness programs. The combination of traditional treadmill training with the natural buoyancy, resistance and heat of water offers phenomenal benefits that go far beyond either standard treadmill or aquatic therapy alone.

This study was designed to determine how different water levels on an underwater treadmill (UWTM) affected thoracolumbar spine kinematics. Zinc oxide markers were placed on bony landmarks on the digits, tarsus, stifle and hip of 10 healthy dogs which were randomly split into five groups. Each dog was exercised on the UWTM at a series of varying water levels while undergoing a 30-s period of gait in each condition.


Walking, running and exercise on our underwater treadmill is performed in warm, comforting water. This reduces joint impact while increasing flexibility, improving strength and endurance. This is ideal for older pets with arthritis or muscle/joint pain, as well as those who cannot walk on land due to a fractured limb or neurological conditions. The natural hydrostatic pressure of the water also decreases swelling in affected areas.

Our underwater treadmill allows you to walk, jog or run at your preferred pace while the resistance of the water challenges muscles and burns calories. Water therapy is the perfect workout for weight loss, rehabilitation and injury prevention.

We have found that pets adapt to this technology very quickly, and they enjoy the experience of being in the water with a moving belt! The water is also soothing to aching joints and improves circulation. The therapist can assist with the first two sessions aquamaxx underwater treadmill to help your pet get acclimated to this new experience, but once they feel comfortable the therapist can step out of their session and allow your pet to use the treadmill on their own.

Studies have shown that aquatics – including water treadmill training – result in significant reductions in stress-related body pain. Additionally, a recent TAMU study showed that aquatic treadmill exercise results in lower blood pressure than on-ground exercises.

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