Why You Need a Cannabis Packaging Machine

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Why You Need a Cannabis Packaging Machine

As your business grows, manual packaging can start to become a drag on production. Automating your process is the key to increased efficiency and productivity.

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Jar Filling & Capping Machine

When it comes to cannabis packaging, consistency is non-negotiable. It thc cartridge filling machine contributes to a professional look and builds customer trust. An automated packaging machine handles this process for you by accurately weighing and placing cannabis flower into package formats, including jars. These machines also have filling and sealing systems.

These systems are designed to produce and seal a variety of bottle sizes, including plastic jars. This helps increase your production speed while preserving the quality of your product. Some systems can also add child-resistant or tamper-evident seals for added security.

If you are looking to maximize your packaging output, consider a vertical form fill seal machine. These machines can reach high packaging speeds and work best for dedicated cannabis products lines that don’t have a lot of variance. These machines can incorporate a bagger for premade pouches and have the ability to add tamper-evident or child-resistant seals as needed. A VFFS machine can also be equipped with a combination weigh system to improve accuracy and reduce your manual labor costs. This system allows you to weigh the exact amount of product into each package, while reducing overages and underages.


Whether you’re packaging edibles, flower, or cannabis-infused products, automated cannabis packaging machines can streamline your production process. By eliminating manual processes, you can reduce labor costs and increase output. This allows you to meet market demand while also offering a superior consumer experience.

In addition to ensuring that your packaging is child-resistant, cannabis brands must also address other key concerns of consumers such as product freshness and shelf-life. The type of cannabis packaging you choose can significantly impact these factors.

If you’re looking to reach high-speed packaging levels, a vertical form fill seal machine (VFFS) is a great option. This is a bagmaker that forms bags from flat rolls of film, fills them with an exact amount of your product, and then seals the bags shut. This type of cannabis packaging machine is simple to operate and requires no advanced technical training. It’s perfect for cannabis companies that have dedicated product lines and want to increase packaging speed. It can produce up to 70 packages per minute and is available with a variety of packaging options including gusseted pouches, pillow pouches, zippered pouches, and more.

Case Packers

Cannabis products need to be properly packaged to ensure compliance with state and country regulations. These include packaging that is either clear or opaque and child-resistant closures (although these requirements vary by state). Additionally, the industry is regulated to prevent certain imagery and branding that could appeal to minors or misrepresent the product.

A premade pouch machine is ideal for cannabis companies that want to produce a lot of different bag sizes and types. The machine takes premade bags from a holding area, fills them with an exact amount of cannabis and then seals the bag shut. This machine is easy to operate and doesn’t require any advanced technical training or experience.

Another great option is a vertical form fill seal (VFFS) machine, which works much like a bagmaker in that it forms pouches from flat rolls of packaging film, then fills them with cannabis and seals them shut. This machine is able to reach high packaging speeds and requires some more advanced technical training and experience to operate. It can also be configured to use a nitrogen flush, which blasts the inside of the package with harmless nitrogen gas before sealing it to eliminate oxygen and extend shelf life.

Shrink Wrap Machines

Cannabis products come in various shapes and sizes, so the packaging machine you choose should be capable of handling the dimensions of the packages your company produces. Additionally, cannabis packaging machines should be able to sort, fill, seal, check quality and label your packaging for you.

For smaller-volume packaging needs, a cannabis plastic jar sealing machine from Levapack is an ideal choice. The machine can seal up to 30 jars per minute, which means it can help you save time while still providing your customers with the best possible product quality and security.

A pouch fill and seal machine is another type of packaging machine that can help your company produce high-quality cannabis products. This machine uses a roll of flexible film to create pouches, then fills them with the right amount of cannabis and seals them shut.

An oxygen-free packaging machine is also available, which blasts the inside of each package with harmless nitrogen gas before sealing it. This reduces oxidation and extends the shelf life of your cannabis products. This is particularly important for medical marijuana, as it prevents the THC cannabinoids from converting to CBN cannabinoids, which could decrease their efficacy and potency.


The cannabis industry is governed by strict regulations, especially when it comes to child-resistant packaging. This means disposable vape filling machine that companies must create packaging that is difficult for children to open while still maintaining a premium look. This is a challenge because it can limit brand imagery or require specific warning labels of particular sizes.

To solve this problem, many companies turn to automated labeling machines that print the appropriate labels on the package and apply them to the product. The labelers can produce a variety of labeling styles including C wrap labels, tamper-proof labelers, square bottle three-sided labelers, flat bottle double-sided labelers, tapered bottle labelers, and even wire or tube labels.

In addition to saving time and resources, automated packaging machinery can provide greater accuracy than manual processes. For example, the cannabis weighing machine has a tenth of a gram accuracy at high speeds, so you can pack your product with confidence and ensure that it is fresher for longer. This will result in a higher end-potency, a more competitive market price, and an experience that meets your customer’s expectations.

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