4 Pin Panel Mount Connector

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4 pin panel mount connector

4 Pin Panel Mount Connector

A 4 pin panel mount connector has a panel mounting feature built into one of its connector halfs. This means it can be fixed to an external enclosure or a cut-out in the equipment panel.

It also has rounded pins that fit into square holes on motherboards. It can be used to power add-on fans, extra video cards or supplemental motherboard power.


This 4 pin power connector allows for easy connection of a power supply to a panel mounted device. It has a solder cup connection, and each pin has an identifier printed on it to prevent incorrect connection. The flange makes it easy to mount, and the housing is durable enough for use in harsh environments. This connector is suitable for delivering +12V 4 pin panel mount connector current to your computer and other devices. It can be used to power USB and headphone connections, or any other device that requires a 12V supply.

It’s important to note that not all connectors are Panel Mount – the term refers to a mechanical feature built into the design of a connector half that lets it be secured to an equipment panel or external case – it does not refer to the electrical connection. Connectors that are not Panel Mount are still able to be connected to PCBs, but they require extra hardware (bolts, nuts, latches) to fix them in place and transmit forces through a separate mechanical connection – this reduces stress on the solder terminals and helps to extend the life of the device.

This panel mount connector features screw locking and a pin count of 4. It is dust-tight and has protection against temporary immersion – up to 1 meter. It has a temperature range of -40 C to 85 C, and it is UL approved.


If you have a connection that must remain fixed to the outside of an enclosure, you will want it to be panel mount. This is a mechanical feature that is built into a connector half that makes it easier to attach to a panel or external case. This will reduce stress on the connections inside the connector, which will prolong their life and help prevent tampering.

LK Connectors offer a female 4 pin panel mount that is suitable for use with all conventional 19 pin power connectors. The female panel mount accepts wires of up to 20 AWG, and the solder cups make it easy to terminate them. The contacts are keyed to ensure they cannot be mismatched. The 4 pins of the female panel mount connector can carry a number of different signals, including DMX, Gigabit Ethernet and digital audio.

The INT-ZPG data connector is a keyed, multipole and elbow female connector that is ideal for instrument applications across many markets. It provides a secure connection with its push-pull latching mechanism, and it can be used in high-resolution applications that require a tight fit. This connector is also able to save space on the panel with its contact density. It is suitable for uses such as NDT inspection ultrasonctesting and waterproof connector manufacturer RFID. It is rated for up to 250 V and can work in temperatures up to -40 degrees Celsius.


While digital media is the trend for many applications, some users still prefer analog interfaces. This includes consumers who want easy-to-use connections in their home entertainment systems, and audio professionals that use pro-quality mixing boards to control sound production. Both require simple interfaces that average users can connect and disconnect without having to tighten thumbscrews or release tabs. Fortunately, DataPro’s panel mount audio cables make it easy to add 3.5mm analog audio connectors directly to a face plate or bulkhead.

When Does Panel Mount Mean “Panel”?

Panel Mount refers to a mechanical feature built into the design of a connector half. This allows the connector to be fixed into a cut-out in an external equipment case or enclosure. It’s different from Board Mount, which is an additional set of screws/bolts/nuts fitted to a PCB connector that secure it to the enclosure to lower stress on solder connections.

This male panel mount connector with screw locking features a unique metal lock system that makes contact only when fully locked. It’s designed to resist corrosion in extreme conditions, with a -40 degC to 85 degC temperature range and an IP67 dust-tight rating. It has a black D-size flange, countersunk thru holes, and 3/16″ flat tabs that allow it to be easily installed in most any equipment enclosure. It has a pin count of 4 and replaces NL2MP connectors.


This is a special connector used to supply power to your computer’s power LED. This LED lights up to show that your computer is powered on and is working, allowing you to see that it’s alive without having to open the case. It also helps you keep track of hard drive activity, letting you know when the hard drives are reading or writing data to and from your computer.

The lighting connection of this type of panel mount connector is usually wired using solder cups, which are easy to use and work well with standard wires. The wires are stripped, tinned and soldered to the connector, after which they’re heat-shrunk so that they don’t move around once the connector is installed in the enclosure. Some of these connectors are designed to be fixed to the panel with glue, or to sit in a cut-out in the enclosure that’s specified by the manufacturer.

Some connectors may be Panel Mount and Board Mount at the same time, with a fixing to both a PCB and an external panel at right angles. It’s important to note when a connector is or isn’t Panel Mount, since this can affect the way you use it in your device. Panel mount devices are often plugged and unplugged by untrained people, so the mechanical attachment to the panel is important in reducing stress on the solder connections.

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