M12 4 Pin Bulkhead Connector

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M12 4 Pin Bulkhead Connector

M12 4 pin bulkhead connectors are a great choice for industrial applications. They are waterproof and feature a locking mechanism that helps prevent disconnection. They also have a compact size, which allows them to fit in tight spaces where larger connectors may not be suitable.

The m12 4 pin bulkhead connector can be used for connections between programmable logic controllers (PLCs), sensors, actuators, and Fieldbus Ethernet components. They also provide a high level of protection from water, dust, and interference.


M12 connectors are durable and provide a reliable signal and power connection for industrial applications. These compact connectors are ideal for factory automation, actuators, sensors, industrial Ethernet and Fieldbus applications. They can also handle high currents. They are easy to install, making them an excellent choice for updating existing equipment and reducing installation time. Moreover, M12 connectors have the flexibility to accommodate various termination methods and cable grommet sizes, which provides a high level of customization.

M12 bulkhead connectors are designed to be mounted on a panel or printed circuit board (PCB). They are available in different configurations, including screw-locking and push-pull. They can handle currents up to 630 V and are rated for IP67 protection against dust and water ingress. They can be used in a wide range of environments, including harsh industrial settings and extreme temperatures.

M12 connectors are often paired with industrial-grade cable to create robust connections in demanding applications. Some of these connectors m12 4 pin bulkhead connector incorporate coding to prevent accidental mismating, which reduces the risk of damage and errors on the plant floor. Others include shielding, which protects against electromagnetic interference (EMI). This feature is especially important in industrial environments that are exposed to harsh conditions such as dust and vibrations. These rugged connectors are also useful for integrating industrial devices into connected systems like the Internet of Things and Industry 4.0.


M12 4 pin bulkhead connectors are designed to provide a robust and secure connection in the harsh industrial environment. These connectors can withstand the toughest environmental conditions, including washdowns and corrosive substances. They are also capable of transmitting digital and analog signals. Additionally, they can support data transmission through a wide range of protocols, including Process Field Bus (Profibus).

These M12 connectors come in both male and female variants and can be used with various mounting arrangements. They are ideal for use in confined spaces and can support high cable-density connections. In addition to their durability, they have a fast-locking system that allows for simple and tool-free device connections. They can be coupled and uncoupled easily in a variety of environments, including those that are wet or subject to vibration.

While these connectors have been around for decades, they are gaining popularity in connected industrial technology applications. Original equipment manufacturers and designers are incorporating them into new machines as they update their existing infrastructure. The M12 connector system is a great solution for connecting a machine to a network.

M12 connectors are available in a range of contact positions, including three, four, five, and eight pin counts for different uses. For example, sensor and power applications require 3 and 4 pin counts; Ethernet, PROFINET, and Fieldbus require 4 and 8 pins. These M12 connectors can be purchased in a variety of forms, including panel-mounted receptacles and IO modules. They can also be prewired, with or without a locking tab and an NBR O-ring.


M12 4 pin bulkhead connectors are designed to handle power and signal transmission in industrial settings. They can withstand harsh conditions, including humidity, dust, and vibrations. They also feature a locking mechanism that ensures connections are not accidentally dislodged. They are available in male and female variants and come with a variety of pin counts and coding options. They can also be shielded to protect against electromagnetic interference.

Originally developed to reduce the size of standard sensor connectors, M12 connectors have a small footprint that makes them well suited for use in space-constrained applications. The connector’s screw thread allows for a tight, vibration-resistant connection, which helps prevent signal loss or interference. They can also be plugged in and removed quickly, which is an important feature for many industrial applications.

The M12 connector is used in a wide range of applications, from factory automation to process control. It’s ideal for use in sensor and actuator applications, and it can also be used in industrial Ethernet and fieldbus applications. It’s also a popular choice for robotic systems, because it provides reliable connections for motors and automation equipment. It’s also used for abrasion-resistant and chemical-resistant applications. The M12 connector can be mounted on a panel or on a PCB, and it has an IP67 rating to provide protection against water ingress.


The M12 4 pin bulkhead connector is an electrical connector that is mounted on the back panel of a device to connect wires or cables from the outside to the internal circuitry. It can be found in many industries including factory automation, industrial and outdoor environments and food and beverage applications. It is also commonly used with Fieldbus equipment and with sensors, actuators and controllers. It is available in male or female versions and can be terminated with a variety of wire sizes. Its rugged design and IP68 dust and water protection make it a good choice for harsh environmental conditions.

This panel mount M12 connector is compatible with most standard CAT5 and CAT6 cables. It also has an 3m waterproof wire connectors RJ45 adapter for use with twisted pair Ethernet connections. It is designed to accept wires soldered to the back of the connector and can be over-molded or heat-shrinked. It is also easy to install and requires no special tools.

The M12 breakout board is a great solution for making machine network connections, connecting external sensors, and neatly transitioning cabling through the wall of an enclosure. It is available with a 4-pin, A-code M12 connector and brings the wires out to screw terminals for termination. Its panel nut installation saves space and provides a strong connection to the panel or enclosure wall.

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