The M12 4 Pin Bulkhead Connector

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m12 4 pin bulkhead connector

The M12 4 Pin Bulkhead Connector

The m12 4 pin bulkhead connector has been designed to be watertight, dust-tight, and EMI/RFI resistant. They can be used in a variety of applications including industrial automation, sensor systems, and actuators.

These connectors feature screw or bayonet locking mechanisms for fast connections in harsh environments. They also offer color coding and LED options for blind mating situations.

IP67 rated

M12 connectors are a type of circular connector that is used in a variety of applications, including factory automation and alternative energy solutions. They are available in a wide range of pin counts and configurations to meet different circuit requirements. They also come with a variety of options for locking mechanisms and are able to handle bandwidth needs up to 10 Gb/s and power ratings of up to 16 V. M12 connectors are commonly found in industrial applications, and they are designed to withstand harsh conditions such as washdown and corrosive environments.

M12 connectors are also often shielded to provide protection from electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio-frequency interference. This is especially important in environments that require ruggedization to handle extreme temperature variations, radiation, rough handling, chemicals, and other environmental factors. M12 connectors are available in both IP67 and IP68 versions, providing additional protection against fluid and particulate ingress. In addition, they are rated for a range of ambient temperatures and can handle high vibrations. This makes them ideal for use in many applications, such as automotive, machine manufacturing, and robotics.

IP69K rated

The IP69K rating is the highest level of ingress protection for electrical devices. This rating system ensures that a device can withstand water and dust intrusion in harsh environments. The tests used to determine this rating include a series of scenarios that simulate different types of environmental conditions and hazards. For example, the test for solids involves exposing the device to varying sizes of dust particles and objects, while the test for liquids includes different scenarios ranging from dripping to spraying and immersion.

There are several benefits to using IP69K rated electronics. For one, they help reduce product failures caused by water and m12 4 pin bulkhead connector dust ingress. This can save manufacturers money by eliminating the need for costly protective cabinets, and freeing up space for other devices.

These connectors are also easy to handle, with a positive locking latch that prevents accidental unplugging. They can be easily connected and disconnected with a simple twist, and have keying options and LEDs for blind mating situations. These features make them ideal for industrial washdown, corrosive, and other harsh environments.

Temperature range: -25 degC to 90 degC

M12 connectors have a temperature range of -25 degC to 90 degC and are designed for harsh environments. They are available in a variety of genders and pin counts, and can be used with various cable types. They are suitable for direct soldering to bulk cables and can also be over-molded or heat-shrinked. They are made from high quality plastics and metals for long service life.

L-com offers a wide selection of M12 industrial connectors for various applications. They are ideal for use in manufacturing environments and feature a molded housing for ingress protection. These waterproof connectors are available in male and female styles with various pin counts, keyway codings, and color options. These connectors are easy to install without the need for special tools.

The M12 IndustrialNet Shielded Coupler Bulkhead RJ45 jack and plug features an IP67 rated seal that protects against dust and temporary immersion in water. It terminates to a 4-pair, 24 AWG, 100 ohm twisted pair cable and does not require the use of a punchdown tool.

Power rating: 250 V

M12 connectors are designed for a wide range of power, signal and data applications. They feature a variety of pin count options, including three, four, five, and 12 pins. They can be used for power, industrial ethernet, and Fieldbus applications. These connectors can also withstand washdown and corrosive conditions. They are available in a wide range of sizes and styles, from male and female jacks to plugs. They can 3m waterproof wire connectors be keyed and color-coded to reduce mis-mating, and they offer a push-pull locking mechanism that prevents blind mating situations.

M12 receptacles are commonly used in industrial settings. They are designed to work with alternating current from an electrical outlet. They can withstand 250V and can be connected to devices or appliances that use this voltage. However, it is important to know how much voltage your equipment will be using before connecting a power supply. This information can help you avoid electrical shocks or fire hazards. The M12 receptacles we offer here at Major Electronix come in many different variations. Our selection includes A-coded, D-coded, and X-coded receptacles.

UL approval

UL approval allows customers to avoid the costs and hassles of having to submit their finished product to a stringent UL safety test. This certification also helps them avoid the risk of having their product rejected by the authority having jurisdiction (AHJ).

HARTING’s wide range of UL-Recognized connector products makes it easy to find a solution for almost any control panel application. These plug-and-play connections reduce labor, assembly, and testing time compared to hard-wired power and signal connectors. Moreover, these connectors offer a high level of reliability and are rated for up to 250 mating cycles.

The new M12-Mini bulkhead cable connectors from Provertha feature crimp connection technology, a reliable 360 degree shielding and compact external dimensions. These are ideal for use in harsh industrial environments. The receptacles are equipped with an anti-tamper locking system and have aligned coding through lateral flattened areas on the housing. They are suitable for the transmission of current up to 16 A. They can be mounted on the cabinet door or the housing wall and are secured with a counter nut.

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