Motorola Two Way Radios For Sale

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motorola 2 way radios for sale

Motorola Two Way Radios For Sale

Motorola two-way radios (also known as walkie-talkies) allow for group and individual communication. They are easy to use and durable. They are also much more affordable than a cell phone and perfect for emergency kits.

They are FRS/GMRS license-free and transmit on the same frequency as millions of cordless phones but are protected by a built in frequency hopping spread spectrum system to prevent interference.


The Motorola DTR600 digital two way radio offers 30 channel capacity, 900 MHz operation and is IP54 rated. It is equipped with a full graphic color display and an intuitive navigation menu that helps users quickly locate radio features. With the ability to create up to 100 groups; 50 private and 50 public, communication between users is flexible and reliable. Motorola’s DTR series of business radios utilize digital frequency hopping technology to provide better coverage and digital audio quality without the need for an FCC license.

Motorola DTR two-way radios are ideal for car dealerships, retail shops, restauranteurs, hotel owners and other businesses that require on-site communications. They operate on 900 MHz digital frequencies that ‘hop’ from one to another, reducing background noise and eliminating dead spots. They also operate on license free bands, avoiding the regulatory paperwork and licensing fees associated with UHF and VHF radios.

These walkie talkies are built to withstand the wear and tear of daily use and are available in several different colors and finishes. Each radio is equipped with a powerful whip antenna that delivers a range of up to 350,000 square feet or 30 floors indoors. Add up to 150 contacts and sort them into public and private groups; programming is simple with downloadable CPS software and a programming cable (sold separately). Each radio comes ready for immediate use and includes a battery charger.


The R7 from Motorola Solutions is a popular two way radio for manufacturing and other industries that require high levels of communication across large areas. This durable model is able to handle industrial use, and is designed to be both lightweight and compact for comfortable wear throughout the day. It also features a variety of safety functions, including the ability to interrupt transmission to send critical messages in an emergency.

The Motorola R7 is also built to last, with a durable case that can withstand rough handling and harsh environments. It is resistant to dust, shock, and submersion in water, and is motorola 2 way radios for sale backed by a warranty that offers peace of mind. It is also easy to use, with a simple push-to-talk function that lets you communicate with your team members in an instant.

The R7 is part of the MOTOTRBO professional radio series, which features a range of features to help you improve your workplace efficiency and increase productivity. These include Smart PTT and a full suite of applications, which allow you to connect your radios to your existing business systems. It can also support a wide variety of accessories, including ear defenders and headsets. In addition, the MOTOTRBO series is scalable, so you can grow your system as your business grows. Learn more about the Motorola R7 and its features by contacting a supplier today.

TLK 100

The TLK 100 is the ultimate Motorola two-way radio for your team. Featuring the broad coverage of a nationwide cellular network with the ease of two-way radio communications, this Motorola replacement for Nextel phones is designed to get your team connected fast. This radio is a great choice for businesses with field service or mobile teams and features location tracking, Wi-Fi calling, and rugged design without a distracting screen.

This TLK two-way radio is the perfect solution for businesses looking to improve their communication and boost overall operational efficiency. It offers advanced features that make it easier to manage teams, enhance collaboration and productivity, and increase customer satisfaction. This radio also supports multiple languages, allowing your business to communicate with employees from all over the world.

Motorola designed this radio after receiving feedback from customers who wanted a device that could work just like a cell phone but with the added benefits of a two-way radio. Powered by WAVE OnCloud, this TLK two-way radio delivers instant push-to-talk communications across carrier networks and devices.

This Motorola replacement for Nextel phones is a must-have motorola dm1600 for medium to large-size businesses with task-oriented workers who need to stay connected with dispatch and management. Unlike traditional two-way radios, which require a licensed RF tower and a separate communication system to operate, this TLK Motorola two-way radio operates on a nationwide cellular network. Its simple operation and dependable features make it a great choice for businesses in the retail, manufacturing, construction, and public safety industries.


The Motorola Talkabout walkie talkies are one of the most popular FRS/GMRS two way radios used in a variety of settings. They are easy to use and feature NOAA weather channels and alerts, privacy codes, VOX hands-free communication and much more! These two way radios are great for schools, restaurants, bowling alleys and more. This combo kit includes 6 Motorola RMU2040 two-way radios and a multi-unit charger.

Whether you are running a construction site, operating a restaurant or managing a security team, reliable communication is essential to your operations and the safety of your people. Motorola Solutions offers an industry-leading portfolio of rugged portables, mobiles and fixed radios for mission critical communications that keep you connected. All are backed by accessible support, a 30-day return policy and free programming.

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