Motorola Walkie Talkies Are Great For Outdoors

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Motorola Walkie Talkies Are Great For Outdoors

If you’re going camping, hiking, boating or hunting, a two-way radio is great for keeping in touch out of cell phone range. These rugged Motorola walkie talkies are tested to withstand the elements and include useful features like NOAA weather channels and hands-free communication.

This radio also has some innovative safety features, such as Quiet Talk that filters out transmissions in crowded areas. It also has a great feel in your hand and large carabiner clip that hooks on to anything.


Motorola two way radios are well known for their durability. They are designed to handle rough conditions and heavy use. They are rated by the International Protection Rating (IP) system which typically consists of letters followed by two numbers. The higher the IP number, the more durable the radio is.

The Motorola MT Series radios are especially designed for rugged environments. They are waterproof and rated to be submersed in three feet of water for thirty minutes. They have a sturdy body that protects the components inside and come with an industry leading three year warranty. They are ideal for restaurants, school campuses, and other facilities that require a tough durable workhorse of a two way radio.

Another durable model from Motorola is the Talkabout MT350R. It’s a GMRS radio that is specifically designed for outdoor activities and rugged environments. It is weatherproofed and rated to be submersed in water up to 35 miles. It has an emergency alert feature and a built in LED flashlight for added peace of mind during outdoor adventures.

It is a rugged, fully waterproof walkie-talkie that’s perfect for any outdoor adventure. It has 22 channels, 121 privacy codes, and NOAA weather channels. It also has a push-to-talk power boost to allow you to transmit with maximum power or save battery life by using the lower level. It is a rugged, fully waterproof radio that floats face up and has a red LED flashlight for preserving night vision.

Battery Life

The battery in your Motorola two way radio is the key element to long-lasting performance. Inspecting your batteries regularly is essential to keep them running at their optimal levels. You should remove them from the radio when not in use, and store them separately to prevent drain and slow’self-discharge’.

Always store batteries in a temperate, well-ventilated motorola walkie talkie authorise area to maximize their shelf life. Ideally, they should be kept charged to a 50% state of charge at all times.

When a battery is first removed from storage it will require one or two reconditioning cycles to reach its maximum capacity. Do not exceed this time frame or you could damage the battery or void the warranty.

New batteries should be charged overnight before their first use. This process is called initializing and ensures that your battery has its full capacity.

It is recommended to carry a replacement battery on hand for backup in case your radio is out of power. This helps to maintain a consistent communication flow, and reduces downtime and lost communications.

Avoid leaving your radio in the motorola sr5500 charger when not in use, this is referred to as overcharging and will shorten the battery life. Also, be sure to clean battery contacts on a regular basis with a microfiber cloth or lint-free cloth. This will help to eliminate corrosion and improve contact quality.


These Motorola 2 way radios have a ton of options and features that make them incredibly versatile. They can be used hands-free with headsets and have 10 call tones to distinguish different members of your group. They can also ring with a roger beep to let you know that another member of your party is done speaking. There is even a silent vibrating ringer for hunters who wish to remain quiet while looking for wildlife.

Motorola radios have been designed with durability in mind. The new MOTOTRBO R7 digital portable two-way radio is no exception. It was designed with the top three concerns of its customers in mind – audio quality, coverage and device durability. It features a powerful speaker for crystal clear communication and is built to withstand harsh environments. Its housing material is chemical resistant, which makes it ideal for the healthcare industry.

It also has a call playback feature to replay calls that you didn’t hear the first time. You can upgrade this feature to include call recording for additional functionality. You can also customize this radio to your needs by adding a programmable keypad and display screen. Motorola offers a variety of accessories for their MOTOTRBO portable two-way radios including mic and headsets, holsters and carry packs. However, it’s important to note that not all third-party accessories fit properly. For best results, use only Motorola radios with the same two-prong plug as the Motorola accessory.

LED Flashlight

Motorola’s TALKABOUT radios are a great option for anyone looking for a quality walkie talkie set that can be used in a variety of outdoor situations. They are durable, strong, and feature a lot of great features to help keep you connected with your group. For example, the radios have a LED flashlight that can be used when it’s dark out or you need to light your way to your campsite. The radios also have a feature called Quiet Talk that helps prevent other manufacturers’ radios from interfering with your communication.

Another great feature of the radios is that they are waterproof. This means that they can be used in a rainstorm without any problems. This is especially helpful for hikers who often go on trails that aren’t paved and could get muddy or wet.

One downside of the radios is that they do not come with standard accessories like a charging cradle or headsets. This is surprising given the price of the unit and how much these items typically come with other, less expensive two way radio sets. It also doesn’t make a lot of sense because the bottom of the radios have connectors for a charging cradle, so it seems as though they would have been an easy add-on for the manufacturer. Still, the radios are a great choice for anyone looking for a solid, durable walkie talkie set that can take on any adventure.

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