Waterproof Electrical Box Connectors

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Waterproof Electrical Box Connectors

Waterproof connectors provide a practical and cost-effective solution for environments where moisture can cause problems. They join electrical devices in wet environments by forming an extremely tight seal. They also protect equipment and components from corrosion.

The waterproof junction box is an ideal choice for a wide range of LED billboard displays, tunnel lights, road landscape lighting, and garden light wiring connections. It can withstand long-term immersion in water up to 1.5 meters.

Amphenol Air LB VG95234

The VG95234 circular MIL-spec connectors from Amphenol Air LB Germany offer reverse bayonet coupling and are conforming to the German military standard VG95234. These waterproof, wear- and vibration-resistant connectors are ideal for use on vehicles and ground equipment. They provide high liability and utilize the same installation dimensions and contact arrangements as MIL-C-5015. In addition, they also have a reverse bayonet locking system and an ondular washer that guarantee fast and effortless locking/unlocking and avoid unintentional unlatching due to heavy vibrations.

These round waterproof electrical box connectors are available with different plating options, including Black Zinc Nickel, Electroless Nickel, Durmalon (Nickel PTFE), or Black or Green ZINC Cobalt. These options make the VG95234 series of connectors highly versatile. They can be used in any application that requires a waterproof connection, including industrial plants and railway vehicles.

The SCE2 Terrapin waterproof electrical connector from Amphenol-Air LB is suitable for intelligent networking of communications components in battle jackets and enables effective data exchange between management, information and monitoring systems in military organizations. The connectors provide effective situation representation for optimal decision-making and the best possible guidance. The hermaphroditic lens plug connector is insensitive to dust and dirt. It is the ideal solution for power supply and data transmission in drones used by the military. The patented manufacturing technology ensures 100% tightness.

LEMO K-Series

The K series offers watertight self-latching connectors with a rugged housing and is optimized for outdoor harsh environments. The push-pull latching system is efficient and reliable, keying to ensure safe signal transmission and protecting sensitive signals with EMC shielding. It includes a wide choice of inserts, including high-density low and high voltage, waterproof electrical box connectors coaxial, fluidic, fibre optic, thermocouple and hybrid options in a variety of sizes and models. All are designed to be water resistant once mated, with 2 inter-sleeve seals that prevent the entry of dust and water into plugs, free sockets, fixed sockets or couplers. The series is fully compatible with LEMO-brand 0B series inserts, including those used on Cable Techniques timecode cables.


The TRIM TRIO(r) connectors are part of a common interconnect platform designed to address harsh industrial applications. This versatile family of connectors features plastic and metal circular and rectangular designs to suit a variety of needs and environmental conditions. The series is compliant with a number of major electrical IEC and UL standards to guarantee safety conditions for installers and users.

These waterproof connectors are available in both circular and rectangular styles with different contact arrangements and mating mechanisms. The TRIM TRIO(r) series is also offered in a hermetic design, which is perfect for pressurized applications or environments where dust and dirt might pose a problem.

Whether you choose the UTL series, a plastic push-pull connector compliant with all modern safety standards and featuring an audible blind mating latch or the robust metal UTG and UTGX series for industrial power and control, each uses the same design of contacts to simplify your supply chain, reduce the complexity of production and give you the ability to easily switch between different connector series. This unique feature allows you to adapt your business as it grows without requiring an impact on equipment or production lines. You can also use the TRIM TRIO(r) range to replace older connectors in your existing system, allowing for upgrades that are quicker and easier to complete.

Index Marine

The Index Marine electrical junction box range ensures all onboard connections are kept secure and dry. The waterproof junction boxes come as blanks for you to customise to suit your needs or pre-fitted with a selection of flexible port options, depending on the kit you choose. The junction boxes have leaf protection to prevent the screws from damaging the cables – and all fixings are made from nickel plated brass to resist corrosion.

The value range kits are environmentally rated and have a wide range of potential port options which can be punched to fit the double-membrane seal cable glands. This allows for neat wiring, ensuring that all connections are kept secure and dry, whilst also being easy to maintain or upgrade.

These connectors are manufactured to VG95234 and VG96929 standards to ensure they can be used for all severe environment navy installations, as well as other harsh-environment industrial and oceanographic applications. The hermetic glass-sealed connectors withstand up to 1 x 10-7 cc/sec of helium leakage, waterproof connector manufacturer have an open face pressure rating up to 5,000 psi and are able to withstand exposure to corrosive chemicals. Available with solder cup or PC tail contacts, they can be fitted with a variety of inserts including high density crimp Mighty Mouse contact inserts, 316 stainless steel contact shells and piston O-rings.

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