Plastic Grass Grid

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Plastic Grass Grid

Car parking lawn grid provides the strength of paved surfaces at a fraction of the price. It reduces soil erosion, prevents vehicles sinking and vastly improves drainage without the need for a detention pond.

Unlike rolled pavers TRUEGRID has flex joints to allow expansion and contraction without the grids breaking apart. It is easy to install using a simple lateral jigsaw like click together system.

High Strength

Grass Grid is a tough and durable solution to stabilize paved areas in both heavy traffic and light traffic situations. It can withstand loads from cars to HGV’s and is available in a range of sizes depending on your project. It is able to achieve 100% grass reinforcement coverage and is incredibly flexible, so can easily follow curves in the ground.

The honeycomb structure design allows for an amazingly high static load capacity. Each individual grid can hold up to 25 tonnes and is capable of handling a car, van or small lorry. In comparison, a concrete parking lot can withstand approximately 15 tonnes.

Its strong and tough nature means that it is an incredibly good alternative to asphalt Plastic Grass Grid and concrete. It is also more environmentally friendly. By laying grass pavers, you can save trees and bigger plants that would be ruined with the addition of more concrete.

The plastic grass grid system is easy to install. Once you have a solid sub base in place, simply line up the female slots of the next grid over the male tabs of the previous grid and lock into place. Then fill with either gravel, soil or grass and the result is a sturdy and stable surface that looks like an ordinary lawn and can be driven or parked on.

Long Life

Our grass grids are designed to withstand the heaviest traffic and weather conditions with ease. They are made of a mixture of recycled PE and PP to keep them flexible even in freezing temperatures so they do not break. They also have expansion joints to deal with temperature differences, so they will not shift against each other during installation and after they are in place.

Unlike concrete pavers they are water permeable allowing rainfall and precipitation to seep through into the ground rather than wash off the surface of the road or driveway and end up in our underground reserves, causing flooding and pollution. Our grass pavers will help to improve drainage and reduce surface water run-off which is a major problem in cities and towns.

As well as reducing flood risk, these permeable pavements will improve traction in pedestrian and vehicle areas by stopping the ground from churning up. They will also make it easier to maintain your lawn with hand or ride-on mowers as there is no need to dig up and replace the existing ground.

They can also be used to create a green area, for car parking, pathways, heliports, terraces and gardens. The easy installation and maintenance make it the perfect solution for those who want to combine the strength of paving with the beauty of natural grass.

Environmentally Friendly

Grass Grid is made from a non-toxic, recyclable plastic which means it’s safe for kids, pets and the environment. It is also water permeable, which means that non woven geotextile suppliers rainwater can freely and easily re-enter the ground rather than becoming stagnant or flooding, as happens on many paved surfaces.

You’ll also save on maintenance costs as you won’t need to mow, edge or trim your grass – plus, you won’t be using gasoline-powered equipment, which releases noxious gases into the air. This is especially important in areas with high summer temperatures, where excessive use of water can cause heat stress to the plants in your garden or lawn.

When selecting the right turf to install, always check for Oeko-Tex certification. This international organisation tests raw, semi-finished and finished textiles to ensure they’re not harmful to humans and animals. The resulting certificate confirms that the turf you’re purchasing is free of harmful chemicals and dyes.

ECCOdal grass grids are the ideal surface for pedestrian and (sporadic) car traffic and provide a green, sustainable solution. They’re tough enough to comfortably accommodate vehicles in excess of 25 tonnes and are incredibly stable due to their open cell structure design. Their lateral jigsaw-like push-snap fixing also makes them easy to install in organically shaped areas, with no wastage as the grid sections can be cut at any point and then snapped together.

Easy to Install

Grass reinforcement grid is an easy solution for areas of heavy foot or vehicle traffic, preventing ground erosion and water logging. The plastic grass pavers have expansion joints that absorb thermal and mechanical stress. They are also designed to be used as a surface on which you can walk and (sporaddically) drive, while still maintaining stability and a neat, grassy appearance.

They offer a sustainable alternative to tarmac and block paving and are able to support cars, 4x4s, vans and even bin lorries. With increasing numbers of roads, driveways and garden paths being paved with concrete or tarmac, rainwater is often not allowed to permeate the ground, leading to water shortages and flooding. By using grass grids, you can create a permeable surface that will allow the rainwater to drain back into the underground soil.

To install the IBRAN-X lawn grids, simply place them upside down and press them into your grass surface directly. This can be done in a few hours, providing you with an instant no dig solution. Once installed the grass will grow over the grids and can be maintained in the usual way, mowing will not affect the underlying structure.

The gravel grids are surrounded by a non-woven geotextile layer, which prevents the stone from mixing with the soil and allows for effective drainage. After that is placed a layer of coarse gravel, filling the gaps between the grass grids and packing it in well.

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